SMS Marketing Tips And Tricks

In this section, we have covered some tips and tricks to keep you on the right track.

1. Stay within the 160-character limit

The fewer the characters you use in your message, the better. You have only 160 characters to deliver your message to your subscribers. Choose your words wisely. Avoid using abbreviations, emoticons, and all caps. SMS Marketing works based on GSM 7-bit default alphabet. If your message contains any other character other than GSM alphabet, then it turns into a Unicode which converts your singular text into a three-part text costing three times as much as a singular SMS.

2. Maintain a structure

Keep your text clear and precise. You can follow the below structure to draft your promotional message.

• Business name - Your company or brand name
• Customer name - Begin your message with the subscribers' name to make it more personalized
• Offer - Include details about the deal
• Qualifier - Include terms and conditions, if any
• Instructions - Let them know how to use the offer
• Expiration - To create a sense of urgency include an expiration date
• Opt-Out Option - To be legally compliant, include an opt-out option in your text

3. Simple content and spelling

Make sure the content is simple, clear, and to the point. Avoid local slang or colloquial language. Keep the flow friendly yet professional.

4. Time

Timely delivery of your message is more important when it comes to SMS marketing. To find out the best time for delivery, analyze the open rates, CTR, response rates, location, time zones, and users' past interactions.

Quick Do's

Have variety in sending your message. Mix up general notifications, offers, news, and more

Track your metrics to enhance customer retention

Provide incentives for loyal customers in the form of exclusive deals, coupons, and more

Maintain the quality and frequency of your message

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