TXTImpact vs. Slick Texting:
A Feature-by-Feature Comparison

Delve into the feature comparison between TXTImpact and Slick Texting.

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Choosing the right SMS and MMS platform is key to successful communication. While options abound, TXTImpact stands out with its powerful features, empowering businesses to reach new heights.

Here's what sets TXTImpact apart:

  • Seamless CRM Integration: Unify communication by integrating TXTImpact with your CRM, streamlining workflows and data management.
  • Engaging Text-to-Screen: Captivate audiences with dynamic text-to-screen displays in your locations, perfect for promotions and updates.
  • Simplified Link Management: Shorten and brand links directly within TXTImpact, gaining valuable click-through insights.
  • Effortless Data Import: Save time and ensure accuracy by importing contacts directly from Excel.
  • Unique Conversion Features: Maximize reach by converting emails to phone numbers for SMS marketing, and vice versa.

These exclusive features, combined with robust core functionality, make TXTImpact the ideal choice for businesses seeking a versatile, efficient, and advanced messaging platform.

Lets explore in-depth comparisons and discover how TXTImpact empowers your business communication.

Features Exclusive to TXTImpact:

Feature TXTImpact Slick Texting
Mass Texting
Two-Way Texting
Message Templates
Text Messenger App for Salesforce
Text to Screen
Integrated Link Shortener
Drip Messages
QR Code
Email to Text
Text to Email
Text Message Survey
SMS Polling
Text to Win
Text to Join
Branded Links
Excel to Text Message

In conclusion, while both platforms offer valuable features, TXTImpact stands out with its unique capabilities like Salesforce integration, text-to-screen engagement, integrated link shortening, QR code generation, email conversion, branded links, and Excel-to-text messaging. Carefully consider these distinctions based on your business requirements to make an informed decision.

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