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TXTImpact: The Feature-Rich SMS & MMS Marketing Platform

Dominate the ever-evolving world of SMS and MMS marketing with TXTImpact, the all-in-one platform built to empower your business.

Go beyond the basics: While both TXTImpact and Simple Texting offer core functionalities like Mass Texting Service and message templates, TXTImpact surpasses its competitors by providing a powerful suite of advanced features.

Here's what sets TXTImpact apart:

  • Seamless Salesforce integration: Streamline communication and manage customer interactions effortlessly within your existing CRM system.
  • Interactive Text-to-Screen engagement: Boost audience participation and drive real-time action with engaging features.
  • Effortless QR code generation: Simplify opt-ins and interactions with the power of QR codes.
  • Effortless email conversion: Convert existing email lists into SMS subscribers for a wider reach.

Don't settle for limitations. Choose TXTImpact and unlock a comprehensive, cutting-edge approach to SMS and MMS marketing.

Take your messaging strategy to new heights. Explore TXTImpact today!

Comparison Table

Features Exclusive to TXTImpact

Feature TXTImpact Simple Texting
Mass Texting
Two-Way Texting
Message Templates
Text Messenger App for Salesforce
Text to Screen
Drip Messages
QR Code
Email to Text
Text to Email
Text Message Survey
SMS Polling
Text to Win
Text to Join
Branded Links
Excel to Text Message

In conclusion, TXTImpact emerges as the preferred choice for businesses seeking advanced SMS and MMS capabilities, especially those requiring integration with Salesforce, Text-to-Screen, QR code generation, and other advanced features. Evaluate your specific needs and preferences to choose the platform that best aligns with your marketing goals.


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