TXTImpact vs EZ Texting:
A Comprehensive Feature Comparison

Explore how TXTImpact measures up against EZ Texting.

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TXTImpact emerges as a powerful and comprehensive platform, boasting a myriad of features that set it apart from its competitor, EZ Texting.

With TXTImpact, users experience a seamless communication journey enriched with unique functionalities not available in EZ Texting. From a sophisticated text messenger app for Salesforce to the innovative text-to-screen feature, a robust free trial, and versatile options like email to text and text to email, TXTImpact excels in providing a diverse and unparalleled suite of communication tools.

Additionally, TXTImpact stands out with features such as polling/text 2 vote, text 2 win, text 2 join, branded links, and Excel to text message, demonstrating its commitment to offering a superior and all-encompassing messaging solution for businesses and individuals alike.

When assessing SMS and MMS solutions, TXTImpact and EZ Texting emerge as powerful platforms.

Let's dive into an in-depth feature comparison, highlighting the features exclusive to TXTImpact:

Comparison Table

TXTImpact v/s EZ Texting

Feature TXTImpact EZ Texting
SMS & MMS Robust SMS and MMS capabilities for versatile communication. Offers SMS and MMS features for effective messaging.
Mass Texting Seamless mass texting functionality for reaching a broad audience effortlessly. Efficient mass texting capabilities for large-scale communication.
Two-Way Texting Real-time, two-way texting fosters interactive conversations. Provides two-way texting for engaging communication.
Message Templates Streamline messaging with customizable templates. Offers message templates for quick and consistent communication.
Text Messenger App for Salesforce Integration with Salesforce for a cohesive messaging experience. Integration not available.
Text to Screen Engage audiences with text-to-screen interactions. Doesn’t offer this feature.
Integrated Link Shortener Built-in link shortening for concise and trackable messages. Provides link shortening for efficient message delivery.
Drip Messages Implement drip campaigns for strategic and automated messaging. Supports drip messaging for scheduled campaigns.
QR Code Generate QR codes for quick engagement. Utilize QR codes to enhance user interaction.
Free Trial Offers a free trial for users to experience the platform's capabilities. Provides a free trial for users to explore the platform.
Email to Text Seamlessly convert emails to text messages for diverse communication. Feature not available.
Text to Email Forward text messages to email for comprehensive communication. Doesn’t Support text-to-email functionality.
Text Survey Conduct text surveys for valuable insights. Enables text surveys for feedback collection.
Polling/ Text 2 Vote Engage audiences with text-based polling and voting. Doesn’t Support text-to-vote features for interactive campaigns.
Text 2 Win Run text-to-win contests for increased engagement. Facilitates text-to-win campaigns for promotional activities.
Text 2 Join Implement text-to-join functionality for audience participation. Doesn’t Support text-to-join.
Branded Links Create branded links for a professional touch to messages. Doesn’t Support branded links for branded messaging.
Excel to Text Message Effortlessly convert Excel data into text messages for efficient communication. Feature Not Available.

In conclusion, TXTImpact offers a comprehensive set of features, including a text messenger app for Salesforce, text to screen, a free trial, email to text, text to email, polling/text 2 vote, text 2 win, text 2 join, branded links, and Excel to text message, differentiating itself from EZ Texting. Consider these distinctions based on your specific communication requirements.

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