How SMS Can Automate Your Daily Workflow

SMS or Short Message Service has become one of the most common ways of communication. Referred to as texting, it is popular because more than 95% of mobile users will read the text messages they receive. Apart from personal communication, the use of SMS marketing by businesses has become common. A business can use messages to reach out to customers as a marketing strategy. This is not only a cost-effective strategy but is extremely effective and has a greater response rate than other strategies.

While using SMS service, organizations can either send SMS texts individually or can opt for mass texting where messages would be sent to many people at a time. The use of software ensures that mass texting can be easily implemented. In fact, automation of the daily workflow of an organization is possible through SMS. Yes, it is true! Text messages can help automate the workflow of an organization.

The following are 4 ways in which you can use SMS to make your daily workflow more effective.

1. Use Autoreply

One of the simple yet effective ways of automation is using the auto-reply option. These are automated replies that are sent to customers who reply to a message sent by the business. The concept of keywords can be used effectively here. When you send a message to customers, you can ask them to reply with a particular keyword to indicate the information they want. You can use a mass text messaging software that would recognize the keyword sent and send an automated reply. This allows interaction with customers, which is a part of your workflow. It can be done automatically without having to invest in manpower.

2. Integrate SMS with other applications

One of the most powerful ways by which you can use SMS for workflow automation is by integrating it with other applications. Here are some of the ways it can be done:

• Salesforce is a popular CRM software. This can be integrated with text messaging software to automate workflow. This allows for better interaction with customers. group texting can be used to send messages automatically to leads and customers.

• Zendesk is another popular software used for customer service. The software can be integrated with text messaging software to allow customers to create tickets. Status updates on tickets can be sent instantly using automated messages.

• SMS software can be integrated with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. A business can use text and MMS messaging to reach out to customers through their social media accounts. The integration allows this to be done easily.

• MailChimp is a mail client and email IDs captured through SMS interaction can be added on to MailChimp. This can be used to run email marketing campaigns. The integration would allow this to be done automatically.

• Google contacts can be directly imported into your text message software. Once the contact details are stored, you can send automated messages to all your contacts or selected contacts easily. This allows marketing workflow to be simplified bringing in automation.

3. Use SMS for improving service

One of the key activities businesses do is attending to service requests. Selling the product alone is not enough, it is important to provide service and this is a major aspect of the workflow. Customers can place service requests by sending a text message with their customer id or product id. This can trigger off the service process, where a service executive can establish contact with the customer to provide service. One more option is self-service, where customers can try to find resolutions for problems. Automated text messages can be used where customers can select from options and are then provided a link where they use self-service options to resolve the problem they are facing.

4. Use it for feedback

Text messages can be used to get feedback from customers. This can happen automatically. The moment an order is closed or when a service request is completed, a message can be sent to customers requesting feedback. You can even give options of text emojis to customers to indicate how happy they are. They need to reply with one of these to submit their feedback. You can even send a link to an online feedback form through a text message. Feedback collection becomes easy when text messaging is used. This allows you to constantly monitor customer satisfaction, so you can take prompt action in case of any problems.

The 4 ways listed above can help you use SMS to automate many aspects of your workflow. This can make your work easier and allow you to save time. You can look for top-quality text message software to help you do this effectively. Text messages can be sent automatically to customers making your workflow automation easy.

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