TXTImpact is a leading Mass Text Messaging Service provider in the USA

Send Mass Texting to the groups of mobile users and receive SMS replies using state of art easy to use web-based Mass Text Messaging Software. With TXTImpact Mass Texting Service and Bulk Text Messages and tools, you can send a text message to groups of hundreds or thousands mobile users in seconds using web-based applications or directly from your mobile phone using the remote mass text broadcast feature. A text blast is one of the most effective ways to get customers attention, but many organizations use a text blast service for many other reasons. We may not be the cheapest but we’re the best SMS Marketing company in the USA with 100% coverage and over 800 wireless carriers worldwide. Our Text Marketing Software is easy to integrate and use.

Mass Text Messaging Features

  • Broadcast Text & Picture Messages instantly or schedule
  • Filter mobile numbers: Remove landline and invalid numbers from your lists
  • Remote Broadcast: Send Text & Picture messages directly from your mobile phone
  • Dynamic subscribers list, scheduled messages delivered to all new subscribers
  • Replies to text message broadcast can be either forwarded to an email or mobile
  • Include video and pictures as link or embed as MMS (Picture Message)
  • Generate tiny URLs and include with bulk text messages
  • Send SMS or MMS to subscribers from multiple lists
  • Opt-out are handled automatically as soon as some one replies STOP. (CTIA & MMA compliant)
  • Send text messages longer than 160 characters. Mass text messaging service splits messages automatically.
  • Facebook and Twitter integration: Post update on social network at the same time
  • Real-Time SMS and MMS delivery reports, so you can see who received your messages
  • Include unique mobile coupon redemption codes either from a set of uploaded redemption codes or auto generated
  • We support US, Canada, UK, Brazil and over 800 carriers world wide
  • Multi users accounts available, every user will have access to their own campaigns and subscribers only.
  • Create unlimited groups
  • Create subscriber Segments based on Zipcode, Area Code, Date of Joining, and more
  • Personalize Text and Picture Messages with individual names. Just like mail merge.
  • Mass Text Messaging App

Watch the Video, How to Get Started with Mass Text Messaging Service

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