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Texting with Emojis

Emojis texting The TXTImpact Mobile Engagement Platform supports emojis across all campaigns and all triggered messages, SMS and MMS for both incoming and outgoing messages. Emojis – those happy and sad face icons used in text messages, Instagram posts, and tweets – has become a language of their own, particularly popular among teens and young adults.  

How Brands are using Emojis?

Brands use emojis more to gain attention or to evoke an emotion. A text message with an Emojis is an eye-catcher, so you want to get someone attention emojis a good way to do so. More and More people are using emojis in their texts, brands are also getting on a bandwagon to use the growing fad to their advantage. In the year 2017, the use of emojis has grown 20% in marketing campaigns. Domino’s generated a lot of excitement among pizza eaters when, with the help of some mysterious pizza emoji, it announced the introduction of text-emoji ordering, which basically allowed its customers to order a pie with that pizza emoji. Customers need to opt-in to the service by adding their mobile numbers to their Pizza Profiles on dominos.com. Once they do, they’ll be able to re-order their pre-programmed “Easy Order” by texting a pizza emoji or the words “Easy Order” to PIZZA (374992). The Platform supports emojis in broadcast and triggered campaigns. In general, an emoji will reduce the maximum characters in a single message to 70 characters, which is why we are concurrently launching long messages.  
Emoji Keywords
For SMS marketing campaign end users would text a word to the shortcode, aka, keyword. Now, with the help of TXTImpact Platform brands can create campaigns with emoji as the keyword. To experience it, text ❤️ to 27126.
How many characters are allowed in my message when I use emojis?
Text message with Emoji comes at an expense of reduced text message content or you may end up spending twice the amount of text credits to send a text message. A single message with emojis is limited to 70 characters as opposed to a standard text message of 160 characters. Most emojis take up 2 characters in the 70 character message, while some take up 4 characters in the 70 character message. The max number of characters in 4 message parts with emojis are 272 characters.
How do I enter an emoji into my message?
On OS X Mavericks: Find the emoji keyboard using “Cmd + Ctrl + Space”.
On Windows 10:
Look for the keyboard icon in the Windows taskbar in the lower-right corner to bring up the Windows Touch Keyboard. Then click on the face to the left of the space bar and to the right of the Ctrl button in the Windows Touch Keyboard.
On Windows 8:
You’ll want to add a keyboard button to your Taskbar by right-clicking anywhere on it and hovering over Toolbars. Next select, Touch Keyboard in the menu. Now you should have a Touch Keyboard button in your Taskbar. Just click on that button and you can access emoji on Windows 8.
Does the character counter correctly account for emojis?
No, the character counter counts emojis as one character. We’re currently working a new character counter. Visit our emoji support page to learn about the use of emojis in the Mass text broadcast, auto-reply and any triggered messages on the following mobile platforms. Apple iOS and Android.  

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