If you haven’t integrated an SMS Marketing strategy into your business, you don’t know what you’re missing. mobile Text Marketing is growing faster than any other advertising medium to date. the uses of mobile devices have grown tremendously over the past few years. it has gotten to the point were ever household has at least one mobile device with SMS capability.

consumers are using their mobile device all day every day to check their text messages and emails. Text Marketing allows companies to collect phone numbers as well as email address to send text and email alerts. these alerts are sent directly to their customers, which leads to instant sales. this is good news for any business, small or big, using this strategy to expanding their emailing list.

propel your email marketing campaign by using sms marketing to expand your business. combining this strategy with your existing email marketing campaign will create an improved platform that will improve the quality of your permission based email-marketing list. a better list equals to better target audience.

Why SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing and Email Marketing: the dynamic duo image sms marketing email marketing 180x300 text messages are extremely fast. the average time it takes a cellular device, for most mobile carriers, to receive an sms is less than 10 seconds. with speeds like that you can ensure your message is read within 15 seconds of being sent out.

Email Marketing unlike SMS Marketing, has many filters that send most mass messages into the spam folder never to be seen let alone read. adding Text Marketing to your marketing strategy mix allows your consumer to become aware of your company. this new awareness will propel your customers to search for your emails, which allows them to remove your emails from their spam folder into their inbox.

the ability to send a handful of messages to a targeted group or multiple messages to an entire list is what makes Text Marketing flexible yet reliable. this flexibility expands you customer base. benefits of integration

other then the obvious growing trend of mobile electronics, here are 3 remarkable benefits of integrating Text Marketing into your email marketing for a quality emailing list.

1. Quick and easy permission based sign up

customers can grant you permission to start receiving updates about your business with just their mobile number. these short message updates can consist of sale notifications that your company is having or new products and services that you’re offering.

with the popular use of short codes signing up for text message alerts have become even easier. unlike other services, that require a signing up process, sms marketing only has one step. other than a cell phone number, personal information, that many people will be reluctant or afraid to share, is not needed granting you permission to send them text or email alerts.

2. Captivate and maintain your audience.

not only will is this combined form of marketing get you a high rate of subscribers, it will also increase the action taken by consumers. now that you have their permission, sending promotional or sale updates gives you a much higher rate of response then that of email or any other type or marketing strategy alone.

This dynamic duo has the potential to work well together. a text message will notify the consumers of your businesses current events that direct them to an email with a detailed explanation about theses sales, products or services. this strategy allows you, as the business, to captivate and maintain your audience’s attention.

3. Cost effective way to improve your email mailing list

with many leading ways to interact with your target audience Text Marketing and email marketing is by far the most cost effective. the problem with other forms of marketing is that your target market rarely gets reached, and when they do it’s usually too late. all this equates to wasted money.

text messages on the other hand are sent directly to the recipient with a short concise message allowing quick and easy access to the information. linking this message to email messages allows consumers to open and read emails from your company at a much higher rate.

what are you waiting for?

large companies have been using this marketing strategy for years switching from tradition media to sms marketing. as a result have reap great befits which have translated to profits in their pockets.

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