The Beginner's Guide to Mass Text Messaging - Everything You Need to know

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Consumers have become way more engaged with their mobile devices now than ever. This is why mobile marketing is more than important for business and marketing.

Gone are the days when businesses just stick with one single marketing channel. Now, there are many people you can reach via different marketing channels.

One of these is what we call SMS marketing.

Similar to social media marketing, SMS marketing lets you the ability to reach out to both new and existing customers in real-time for an effective marketing campaign.

Here’s how you can get started with mass text messaging SMS campaigns for your business.

What is Mass Text Messaging SMS Marketing?

This is a common practice involving sending out bulk messages by text to different people in your contact list.

It comes in the form of an “opt-in” marketing campaign where a user would first have to subscribe to your contact list to receive:

• Personalized promotional offers
• Product discount offers
• Surveys
• Remarketing

Most of which can be termed as lead magnets.
A lead magnet is anything offered to prospective customers or already existing customers to get them to opt-in to your contact list.

SMS customer services, in turn, have become so rampant today among businesses. It allows customers the ability to communicate directly to businesses through any of their customer representatives by text.

The unique thing about mass text messaging SMS marketing is that, rather than you sending out marketing campaigns to each person in your contact list, you can easily group them into different categories based on their interests in the business and send out one single text message to all of them at once.

Is Mass Text Messaging Legal?

Today, some businesses still abstain from using mass text messaging for their daily activities due to concerns relating to its legality in their mode of operation.

Most of these concerns result from the 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), which prevents third-party providers from imposing unwilling customers with high phone bills by sending them unwanted calls or messages for which their call providers charge them.

To prevent something like from happening, the law requires that text messages should only be sent to parties that actually agreed to receive them.

The law also requires that contact recipients must have a way to opt-out of any mass text messaging campaign at any point in time.

This is why businesses are always advised to include a way for users to opt in and out of your mass text messaging campaign.

As a better way to do this, businesses are often advised to schedule and only send out mass text messaging campaigns to recipients during standard business working hours, unless in the case of an emergency.

Who Can Benefit from Mass Text Messaging Campaigns?

Everyone has something to gain from mass text messaging marketing.

But still, this kind of marketing is best suited for:

• Business to employee communication
• Educational institutions that constantly need to be in communication with both students and parents
• Businesses looking to grow their sales and conversions
• Businesses looking to improve their customer feedback scores
• Nonprofit organizations that need to be in constant communication with volunteers and donors
• Event organizers
• Medical service providers trying to improve patient’s compliance with daily treatment
• And lots more

Basically, suppose you are a business that always have to reach out to customers or employees at some point. In that case, you definitely need to employ a mass text messaging marketing system for yourself today.

There are also several reasons why mass text messaging marketing is very cost-effective for businesses today.

Rather than having to pay or hire new employees to consistently sit long hours making and accepting calls, constructing multiple email types, or cross-posting text messages to multiple users in your contact list, all these can be done in a matter of seconds with the right business text messaging service.

Segmented mass text messaging campaigns also let you quickly reach many target audiences for your business.

You can’t really place a price on all these many functionalities.

How to Get Started with Bulk Text Messaging Marketing

The first step involves finding a provider that lets you send out bulk text messages to contacts.

Thus, TXTImpact is here to help you get, engage, and retain both new and existing customers in your business via bulk text message marketing.

All of our features are built to ensure the most conversions in all your SMS marketing campaigns. Some of these include:

• Text to email marketing lets you send out bulk text and picture messages to contacts directly via email.

• Landline texting is a pretty great ZipWhip alternative.

• Direct text messenger marketing lets you send and receive text messages from any device via your current business texting number.

• Outlook text messaging helps businesses the ability to send out text messages to employees, staff, and customers via the Microsoft Outlook platform.

What’s even great is that you can install our web tool on your browser as an extension to ensure that you always stay on track with all your business SMS marketing campaigns.

Our broadcast mass texting feature lets you send out mass text messages to anyone in your contact list directly from your dashboard or app.

With this feature, you can also:

• Import phone numbers from a previous contact list in a spreadsheet or CSV file format.

• Customize text messages to give them a more personal approach.

• Schedule mass text messaging campaigns

• Send out recurring text messages to customers.

TXTImpact supports integrations to platforms such as Salesforce, Mailchimp, Constant Contract, and lots more. This lets you the ability to extend your marketing through whatever platform possible.

The Beginner's Guide to Mass Text Messaging.jpg
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