Mobile Marketing and Text Message Advertising in 2020

Mobile marketing will definitely change in the future because of people sending more texts now than before. As technology advances, a business should understand its mobile consumers as well as how the marketing trends are going to evolve in 2020.

Future of SMS Marketing and Mobile Apps

In 2020, the number of mobile customers and usage of messaging apps is likely to increase. In the latest trends, SMS will stay in effect for voting campaigns, sweepstakes, appointment reminders, and many more services. With tech giants like Google, Apple, and Blackberry bringing advanced devices, several user-friendly applications have been developed. Though an average of 7 from 10 apps is targeted to adapt to Apple devices, SMS marketing is going to be an effective approach for other platforms in 2020 as well.

Mobile Marketing and Messaging Apps

In today’s marketing world, businesses should understand that Facebook Messenger is one of the popular messaging apps. WhatsApp, Snapchat, and WeChat are other popular apps used across internet users. However, these apps will take the further lead in the future. Following the trends, Instagram and Twitter might also introduce dedicated messaging apps soon. These apps affect the marketing future by offering companies an innovative approach to earning more revenue from their services. Though many companies are engaging with their customers and sending coupons through WhatsApp and Snapchat.

Role of Pull or Push Messaging

In SMS marketing, push messaging is used for advertiser-initiated and pull messaging for consumer-initiated conversations. Though push messaging can interrupt consumers and cause a negative impact on a brand’s image. But SMS coupons are exchanged more as compared to email equivalents. In the year 2020, one of the growing trends is likely to be push messaging use to deliver valuables to customers such as mobile coupons, weather forecasts, and appointment reminders.

Pull messaging, on the other hand, is used for opting to text in a Shortcode. When a user texts a question, they will not only receive an answer but future coupons and sales notifications as well. This type of messaging is also used for viewer voting participation and sweepstakes is an easy revenue-generating way for businesses. Also, QR codes are likely to gain importance in marketing strategies because many of the consumers scanning these codes are likely to make purchases.

Mobile Marketing Strategies

You can consider these mobile marketing strategies for an effective marketing campaign.

• Promotions

When you want to appeal to retailers towards special offers, upcoming sales, and new arrivals. Add your SMS discount code to the SMS coupon so customers can use it to make a purchase. SMS discount

• Confirm Delivery and Orders

You can send an order confirmation communication or transaction receipt to the buyer’s phone in case of an online purchase. You can also provide a tracking link allowing buyers to track their orders when shipped.

• Send Alerts and Reminders

You can also send important notices about new classes, emergency notifications, or change in schedule due to weather or illness via messages. Text reminders can help reduce no-show ups.

Thus, with technology evolving, it’s time for companies to introduce mobile marketing and business text messaging in their marketing strategies. Since the usage of mobile apps is growing, SMS marketing is set to become a powerful tool in the year 2020.

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