SMS Short Codes

What is Common Short Code?

Short Codes are 5 or 6 digit numbers, to which wireless subscribers can address text messages, regardless of their wireless service provider. Short Codes are easier to remember, handy and more compatible across all participating carriers. A shortcode has a number of keywords associated with the phone number. A dedicated short code owner would also have ownership over all keywords associated with the short code number. With a shared shortcode, all people/businesses using the same shortcode are given their own keyword.Shortcodes play the same role as a website URL does in internet world in driving end users to a common method of interaction. Therefore, this is a good idea for application developers to take advantage of shortcodes to provide interactive and handy wireless solutions. These applications or solutions can be chat, bill payments, marketing, polling, coupons, etc. that can be implemented using shortcode advantages. If you are planning to send or receive messages across North America, you need to register your shortcode with all carriers so that all users regardless of their carrier or operator will be able to send messages to the same number and receive a message on his or her handset.

What is Shared and Dedicated Shortcode?

Shared Short Codes
Provisioning a Dedicated Short Code takes substantial time, technical expertise, and an ongoing financial commitment. TXTImpact Shared Short Code Service removes many of these barriers to entry by allowing customers to run applications and services on TXTImpact pre-provisioned Short Codes at a fraction of the cost of setting up a dedicated Short Code and intercarrier connection.TXTImpact Messaging Platform employs an intelligent keyword-routing system and secure HTTP API that allows customers to both send and receive SMS messages with the speed and reliability of direct intercarrier connections. Advanced features include the ability to automatically handle opt-in/out requirements, create sub-keyword routing, and establish “sticky sessions” with wireless subscribers.
Dedicated Short codes
At times customers require a dedicated Short Code for an individual SMS promotion or service. This is often the case with Short Codes secured for “branding” or recognition purposes like 466453 for Google. It is also possible that due to the specific nature of an application, initial keyword-routing is not an optimal technique for routing incoming traffic. In these cases, TXTImpact can provision a Dedicated Short Code on the intercarrier network and connect the Short Code to all major carriers. TXTImpact provisions Short Codes for all types of events and services and can expedite all aspects of the application and provisioning process with the wireless carriers.
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