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Text Marketing SMS Coupons or Text Promotions are text messages which are sent to your targeted audiences or customers to offers them the latest products, services, discounts, events and upcoming offers. You can offer products promotions to the customer through Text messages, customer read your text messages and respond instantly. As a result, you now have the mobile number of the customer for future SMS marketing campaigns. It’s the easiest way for merchants to reach and communicate with your shoppers who are really interested. TXTImpact Text message coupons or campaigns provide the simplest platform to send your SMS offers and services to consumers through your predefined or own shortcode. It is a highly trafficable medium to sell products and its response rate is unlimited, especially as it is very demandable in holiday seasons. We provide industry best innovative mobile coupons or text message to improve your business or product selling. Mobile coupons are the quick, affordable and simple way to reach customers at home with your brand code. When you are looking to start your own mobile coupon campaign you have to decide what to offer your audiences. You can offer price discounts, free products, buy one get one free offer, cross-selling offers and sweepstakes entries etc.

How to Implement SMS Mobile Coupon with unique redemption code?

How does it work

  • Step 1: Generate or Import New SMS unique promo codes
  • Step 2: Distribute SMS promo coupons either with Text-to-join, Text-to-win or broadcast promotion codes or coupons with text messages
  • Step 3: Export assigned coupons, redeem using web widget or POS integration

Type of Mobile Coupons Formats

Mobile coupons can be sent to subscribers using multiple formats. TXTImpact provides two different types of mobile coupons solution:
  • Static Text Mobile Coupon Codes or Barcodes
  • A static mobile coupon is simply a pre-defined register code provided by a merchant and can be included in text messages or can be generated as a bar code on mobile web coupon. Recipients are required to show their mobile phone at the check-out or get it scanned. Every recipient of a mobile coupon will receive the same coupon code. There is no way to track who has used the coupon.
  • Unique Text Codes or Barcodes
  • You can either send a unique generated promotion code for each recipient included in the text message or a rich mobile web coupon with a barcode. Barcodes can be a UPC code or QR code. All unique code or barcode coupons are fully trackable you can run reports on who used the coupon and when. The unique redemption code can either be pre-generated with the TXTImpact system or you can upload a pre-generated code from your POS system.

Picture Message (MMS) Mobile Coupons

Businesses can send rich colorful picture message coupons to customers using MMS picture messaging. Customers can either text a keyword to receive a coupon or businesses can broadcast picture message mobile coupons to opt-in customers’ mobile phone.

Try Yourself

See MMS Coupons Campaign in Action: Text Ricks to 27126 (msg&data rates may apply)

Some of the smart features of TXTImpact Mobile Marketing Solutions include:

  • A restaurant can send out coupons for food discount packs, 2 rooms for 1 rate and more
  • “10% off” discounts on you products
  • A car repair shop can send out coupons to their customer for free washing or cleaning
  • A computer shop can send out coupons about services offers
  • Publish text messaging instructions (keyword) along with your advertisement in newspaper, on the radio and in print media ads,and market your products easily.
  • Advance API provides your interactive and specific platform to your business
  • Unlimited and unexpected success

TXTImpact is one of the leading mobile coupons or text messaging coupons providers online that is involved in providing interactive and innovative marketing solutions to your business. Sign up with TXTImpact to start your mobile coupons or text messaging coupons programs today.


  • Upload your own coupon codes from your POS system and upload in TXTImpact mobile coupons services
  • Generate coupon codes and import into your POS system
  • Generate coupons dynamically on demand as customers request them via text messaging
  • Include MMS coupons in your messages
  • Send coupons to your opt-in customers list using text messages
  • Barcodes mobile coupons support
  • Export mobile coupons along with mobile number of customers
  • Build an opt-in mobile list for future promotions

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