The Beginner’s Guide To Conversational Customer Engagement Using TXTImpact


Text messages are a great way to engage with your customers and help them with their queries and problems. It is also an amazing platform to retain your targeted audience through regular feedbacks and information related to offers and discounts. While planning a marketing strategy, it is always important to include text and messaging marketing plans since it is one of the most effective communication channels between your customers and your company.

TXTImpact provides services that enable Business text messaging and customer service to its various users. It helps businesses increase their client base and improve their communication internally and with their customers. It has been considered one of the most innovative platforms for businesses. It provides a huge range of features dedicated to customer engagement. It is a cloud-based messaging tool that enables a two-way message connection from the web to mobile devices in different countries like the US and Canada, among other 200 countries. Currently functional in around 33 countries, it enables long text support with over 160 characters.

Here are some of the best features of TXTImpact that you definitely might want to know:

1. Mass Texting

With TXTImpact, you can send text messages to a huge customer base in one go. It makes SMS marketing a lot easier and reduces the work pressure of replying to recipients individually. It also enables companies to send personalized text messages which include the recipient’s name and visual images. It gets done through an Excel add-in where the company can send texts directly from Excel.

Customer engagement has also become a lot easier since now you can also schedule your texts beforehand for future delivery texts at a particular set date and time.

2. Online Messenger

Where most messaging platforms require us to install their application, TXTImpact is an online and web-based messaging platform where you can send and receive messages instantly without any technical glitch or problem. Though you can also use the TXTImpact mobile application, it is not a requirement. You can respond to your customers’ queries directly from chrome.

You can also enable your business text number to let your customers know about your various services.

3. Multi-channel Engagement

We are all aware of social media platforms, both professional and entertainment, where we engage with our customer base in the limited space of that platform only. TXTImpact, on the other hand, is a multi-channel texting platform, where you send messages to different platforms as well. For example, you can send email via text. This particular feature works well with help desks, call centers, insurance agencies, and Law firm among many others.

You can also send text messages from the app. The dashboard of the website also has all the options available, like the mobile application. You can also receive texts and pictures to an email which is a useful tool for customer service. This also has an added feature where you send text messages from Outlook 2007 and 2010.

4. Recurring Messages

TXTImpact has an additional feature where you can send new and refreshing content to your customers and subscribers on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly basis, depending on your flow of customer engagement

5. International Service

Dealing with international customers and clients sometimes becomes an issue when the platforms connecting them are not internationally user-friendly. With TXTImpact, you can send messages to over 800 operators in around 200 countries reaching billions of users and customers. It makes marketing easier for any business, either small or big, that has a customer base in countries other than their nation. It also increases the scope of an expansion in your business, considering you have the means to fulfill the demands of your international customers and clients.

These are but a few features that TXTImpact offers. From mass texting to multi-channel texting, companies are now at a stage where they can assess their customer’s feedback and communicate with them without international barriers. The auto-responder feature allows customers to request product information via text messages encouraging a positive communicating channel between companies and their customers. Personalized texts help businesses sell more products to their customers and feel more connected.

Scheduled text messages also help companies build more personal communication with their customers via birthday wishes, congratulatory texts, and greeting cards. The feature of drip messages releases a series of text or picture messages to a customer within minutes, hours, or days from the opt-in time, indicating and assuring a better communication platform.

TXTImpact brings in the whole picture of a more included and defined communication channel between companies and customers. While many companies are still struggling to get hold of their consumer engagement crisis, we have developed several ways to rectify that. Join us today so that you do not regret it later!

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