SMS Marketing Integration With Constant Contact

To make SMS marketing integration helpful and beneficial for your business, Constant Contact has been developed. It is being used by many companies today. Let us understand how it is useful?

What is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is a unique all-in-one email marketing tool that can be used for all kinds of businesses. The templates in this tool are designed in such a way that they can be customized according to your preferred focus area. You can send campaigns using this tool or even schedule campaigns to suit your targeted audience. All you need to do is just a few clicks. This platform also has real-time tracking metrics.

How can Constant Contact Work with SMS Marketing Integration?

Your SMS marketing can be enhanced and its benefits can be strengthened when it is accompanied with email marketing at the side. Now you can integrate SMS marketing and Constant Contact to reach your target audience in many different ways, thereby guaranteeing that your message gets the visibility you desire.

What are the Benefits Constant Contact?

Constant Contact has a lot of benefits. You can easily create an automated process that can relieve you from busy schedules and save you a lot of time. The possible options are written below:

How to Use Constant Contact?

If you have a Constant Contact account and want to combine both the powers of email marketing and SMS marketing using Contact Contact, then here is how you can do it.

When you integrate with Constant Contact, the email addresses captured via SMS marketing campaigns like the text to join or SMS autoresponder can be linked to your Constant Contact email list on its own. Using these lists, you can then easily send your text messages to the Constant Contact lists.

First, you need to join the Constant Contact list by using the SMS marketing shortcode and keyword.

Next, you have to import all the mobile numbers from your Constant Contact lists to your SMS lists.
Next, import all the email addresses from your SMS lists to Constant Contact lists.
Use multiple lists mapping.

How to Join Constant Contact List Using Text Message?

Log on to the management console with your credentials.

Click on Add New Campaign
Click on the Text-2-Join icon
Enter the campaign name, keyword, auto-response message and then finally click on ‘Enable Email Capture’.
Save the Campaign

Next, you need to connect to the Constant Contact Account.

How to Send Text Message To Constant Contact List?

This step is useful if you use the Constant Contact web sign-up form to collect mobile numbers and emails. You can therefore send text messages to your Constant Contact contacts list by importing your mobile numbers into your SMS marketing lists.

Log on to the management console using your credentials.

Click on Add New Campaign
Click on the Text-2 join icon
Enter campaign name, keyword, auto response message and check ‘enable email capture’,
Save the campaign

Next, connect Constant Contact Account and import contacts

How to Connect Constant Contact Account

If you want to join the Constant Contact list by using a text message, you need to send a text message to the Constant Contact list. The first step you need to do is to connect Constant Contact Account and map SMS campaign and Constant Contact email list.

Login to your account and click on ‘External Contacts’.
Next, click on ‘import and export contacts from constant contact.
Now you will see a pop-up, and then you need to click on Link

Constant Contact Account.

Next, you will be redirected to the Constant Contact website for authentication. Once you login to your account, you need to authorize the APP, and then you will be sent back to your website. Once you get connected with your Constant Contact account, you will need to map the Constant Contact list and SMS marketing list.

Now click on ‘Add new list mapping’.

Next, select your SMS campaign and Constant Contact email list and then link to your selected campaign.

Press on ‘Save mapping’. You will find your Constant Contact list connected to your SMS marketing campaign.

You can then either automatically join people's constant contact list when anyone texts an email address to the shortcode and your keyword.

Or you can also import constant contacts into the SMS campaign list and then send them a text message.

This way, SMS marketing integration done with Constant Contact will prove highly beneficial for your company and business.

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