Importance of Sick Call/text Message Services

As much as you have the dedication to your work, there are some days when you cannot make it to work because you are sick. Use a sick text message to connect with your boss at work. Tell him how you are and get the needed permission to suffer in the silence of your house. Besides, it helps prevent the spread of the infection which keeps your colleagues safe. Sick call messaging has a specific format much like that of a resume or a flyer ad. If you choose the proper text messaging service provider you will have access to readymade sick text messages that you can send when needed.

Select the Proper Messaging Service

You can complete your personal life by keeping in touch with all the people in your social circle. The text messaging service allows users to send and receive messages as SMSes or emails. Or, you could use Outlook from Microsoft to send your messages. Selecting the best messaging service provider helps you stay connected, send sick messages, and keep all those who matter informed.

Paid and Unpaid Leave of Absence

The second most important thing is to opt for paid or unpaid sick leave. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) lays down conditions such as the least wage, record-keeping, overtime pay, and sick leave eligibility. It is not necessary to pay you when you are sick since you are not outputting anything at the workplace. If you have completed one year of service, you become (in most companies) eligible for about 7 days of leave each year.

Inform All the Important People

You must inform all the people who become affected by your absence. This includes your colleagues who handle the work along with you daily. Your boss needs to know so he can reassign the work you are not doing. If there are people in related departments whose work becomes affected, it is better that you inform them through a text message instead of letting them find out after a day or two.

Use the Proper Wording in Your Messages

Use words that make sense but do not confuse or alarm anyone. Like, it is not necessary to provide details of your disease, the number of times you vomit, or how high your temperature is. It is enough that you tell them you are sick enough to stay in bed and that you are unable to eat normal food.

You must tell them these things:

  1. The number of days you will be out of action.

  2. You can give the name of your sickness.

  3. Any extra information if needed.

When they get your message, they must know what to do for the period you are away. You can send the same message to all the people by using the group SMS texting service. This helps you cut down the time and effort needed to inform the people at work.

Keep the Message Uniform

If you were to make a personal telephone call, you will get many cues from the tone of the reply, the pauses, and the choice of words the person uses when they answer you. But in sending the SMS text message, you help to make the message the same for everyone. This reduces the stress build-up that happens when you personalize the message. By making use of a uniform, standard message, you become better prepared to answer the questions they ask you when you return for work. You can go through the sickness without any stress buildup from your colleagues at the workplace.

Be Relaxed About Your Absence from Work

The important thing is to recover from your sickness. But not everyone is sick when they take leave. At times, it might be because they have to take their child to school. Or, it might be because they don't feel like working. In such cases, send the correct text SMS message that conveys the right impression and has the right words. You could say that you are not mentally feeling up to it and you want to relax for the day. You will come to work when you feel better the next day.

Keep the Customers Informed

Most of the time, your office work remains linked to daily deadlines and targets. Be sure to reschedule your meetings and inform all your clients about the new dates. Send messages from your office telephone so that customers trying to reach you will get the message that you are not available at the moment.

Using the SMS messaging service helps you in your daily life as well as when faced with special situations such as when you fall sick or have to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday. Make use of their group SMS facilities and message scheduling services to get the best of their services. It is not wrong to fall sick, it is only wrong if you don't inform the ones who depend on you about it.

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