6 Benefits of MMS Picture Messaging

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. Just as SMS is used to send text messages, MMS is a service available on all mobile phones to send multimedia content like pictures, video, and audio. This is useful when you need more information than just text. While MMS is popular among youngsters who like to send pictures and videos, even businesses are adopting it. A business can use MMS picture messaging to send images to its customers. This will be helpful to them in their business promotion activity.

MMS Messaging can be used by a business for its promotional activities. Whether it is a product offered or a service, you can promote it easily and effectively by sending images and videos to your customers. This allows the customers to get more information, which is the key to purchase decisions. A picture speaks louder than words. An MMS speaks more effectively than a simple text-based SMS. Your business also can use MMS and benefit from it. The following are six key benefits that explain why you should start using MMS today.

1) Easy to manage

MMS business texting service is easy to manage. It can be sent easily by using a mobile phone. If you wish to send an MMS to all your customers, then all you need is texting software and a database of customers and leads. You can send your MMS with the click of a mouse to reach all your customers and potential customers. It can be sent to any type of mobile phone, whether it is a smartphone or a basic feature phone. You don’t need any special software to send an MMS. This makes it a very convenient way to engage with your customers.

2) Allows you to showcase your products and services more effectively

The biggest benefit of sending an MMS is that it allows you to present your business to customers more effectively. You can showcase your products and services better. Customers prefer to see a picture or a video to understand more about a product. If a customer wants to buy your product, seeing its pictures or a video demonstrating its use will be more effective than reading a description of the product.

If you are a real estate agent, then you can send an MMS with photos of the property. Better still you can send a video of the home, which allows the customer to get a clear idea of how the home looks like even before visiting the property. This increases the desire of the customer to visit the property. Similarly, videos of product usage or testimonial videos can convince a customer to try out your product.

3) You can create a story through a message

An MMS can be used to create a story. When you send a set of pictures or videos, you can convey a story to your customers. The story can explain how a need for a particular product/service arises and how your product meets those needs. You can conclude your story by sharing testimonials from existing customers. This story-based marketing approach can be more effective in sales. You can use this to reach out to customers easily just by sending an MMS.

4) They are liked by customers

MMS messages are liked by customers. Studies have shown that an MMS has a higher open rate and more than 98% of your recipients are likely to open the MMS and go through the content. Customers prefer receiving marketing messages through SMS or MMS since it is non-intrusive. Even when they are busy with other work, they can quickly open and read the message. This is convenient for the customer and for you.

5) They expand your reach

When you send an MMS, you can reach out to all your customers and potential customers irrespective of their location or type of phone. A major advantage of an MMS is that it can get shared easily. If your image/video is interesting, it may be forwarded to others and can go viral. This is a great way of expanding your reach and increasing your chances of making a sale.

6) MMS is cost-effective

When MMS started, it was quite expensive to use. Today the cost of MMS has drastically reduced thanks to falling data plan rates. Picture messaging using MMS is no longer expensive. It is just a little more costly than sending a regular SMS. This makes it the right choice for businesses that can use it to engage with customers more effectively by spending a few more dollars. Compared to the benefits offered, it is definitely more cost-effective.

Businesses can use MMS to make use of all the benefits listed above. This is a great way of engaging with customers by providing them with rich content and an enriching experience. You can get started with MMS easily with texting software to help you send the messages easily.

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