Tips To Send A Welcome SMS To Customers Automatically

In any business, customer communication plays a key role. There are different ways to communicate with customers with text messaging being one of the preferred ways. The fact that people use their mobile phones frequently and that online text messages are considered non-intrusive make it the ideal communication tool. It is more likely that a customer would read a text message and respond to it than receive a phone call or reply to an email.

Welcoming a customer

Text messaging can be used in different ways to interact with customers. One of the important applications is welcoming a new customer with a text message. When a prospect or lead becomes your customer, you have added a valuable asset that can bring you revenue. You need to welcome the customer, thank him for buying the product, and inform him of the benefits of becoming a customer.

A text message can be used to do this effectively. A short message with a welcome text, followed by a link to a webpage for more details can be sent. A text message Shortcode can also be sent, which can be used by the customer if he wants more details. Sending such a text message helps in the process of creating a strong relationship with customers. A large organization who has thousands of customers would find it difficult to send individual text messages. For them, automation provides an ideal solution.

If an automatic welcome message can be sent to all customers, it would reduce time and effort for the organization and ensure the welcome message is sent. Let’s see how to send a welcome text message automatically.

Using a Texting Software

Sending messages to many people or automatically is difficult using a mobile phone. Instead, the software can be used for the same. There are popular software products that can be used to send messages. These software products make it easy to send mass text messaging easily.

It is also possible to send automated messages using such software. When you use such software, ensure that you get software that is established in the market. The software should be easy to use and it should have options for automatically sending messages.

Use the Campaign option

A campaign is an option provided in texting software to send multiple messages to a particular group of recipients. You can create a campaign using the software to send messages to new customers. You need to create a name for your campaign and can then compose the message. Create your welcome message; make sure all relevant content and links or shortcodes are provided.

The next step is to create a list of new customers. You can configure the settings so that the moment data is added to the list, a welcome message would be sent. You can get the customer's mobile number when he makes the purchase. Add the number to the list – it can even be done at the point of sale. The MMS messaging is sent automatically.

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