The Complete Guide to Business Texting

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Constant communication with customers is necessary to keep them hooked to your business and ensure customer loyalty. However, it is hardly easy to stay in touch with a large customer base, prospective leads, and target markets. Though social media and the internet have simplified interactions between a business and its customers, there are still certain issues to deal with.

For example, sending emails is easy. But do you know that only 20% of the B2C emails are opened? People don’t want to read lengthy messages and blocks of text anymore. They want the information in simple words.

Text messages or SMS messages are the best alternatives in such instances. Statistics show that around 90% of text messages are opened by people. Moreover, text messages are not intrusive or demanding. Even the basic entry-level mobile phone allows text messages, and there’s no need for an internet connection either.

What is Business Texting?

Business texting is the process of sending B2C text messages to directly communicate with customers. Businesses need to take implicit or explicit permission from customers before sending them text messages. Business texting can be a one-way or two-way channel, depending on business requirements. It is a broader concept that encompasses SMS marketing, customer service, feedback management, bulk messaging, and more.

Benefits of Business Texting

There are various benefits of business texting, which many SMBs and large enterprises from different industries are discovering in recent times. 48.7 million customers opted for business texting in 2020. Moreover, the business texting market is still only at 39% and has more than enough space for businesses to adopt the strategy.

· Text messages have a higher likelihood of being read compared to any other form of written communication with the customer. Statistics reveal that 9 out of 10 customers read the text message in less than three minutes after receiving it.

· A text message that allows customers to reply will see more engagement, which will lead to an increase in sales and enhances customer experience.

· Businesses can increase customer loyalty by being in touch with customers through texting, asking for feedback, sending information about offers, etc.

· Business texting is convenient for customers and employees. People who don’t prefer to talk over the phone will respond to text messages. Employees can text multiple customers at once using the software.

· Businesses can promote online and offline sales through business texting. In fact, this strategy will bring more customers to the store. This increases sales and revenue.

What is Mass Texting?

Business texting can help provide better customer service and improve marketing campaigns. Luckily, there are many service providers to help businesses set up and integrate the texting software with the existing applications. For example, TXTImpact is a US-based Business Text Message Marketing service provider founded in 2006. The company works with startups, established businesses, retailers, entrepreneurs, government and religious establishments, and non-profit organizations.

Once the business texting software is integrated with the CRM systems, businesses can send customized text messages with just a few clicks. Simply draft the message, select the list of customers, and schedule the message as required. Mass texting is also known as bulk texting, where messages are sent to a large group of customers at once. It is an integral part of business texting.

Business Texting for Marketing & Sales

Here’s how business texting makes marketing and sales campaigns successful:

➢ Share details about limited period deals and discounts

➢ Send coupon codes and vouchers to prime customers

➢ Connect the business texting software with social media accounts

➢ Allow customers to respond to text messages (and receive them even on landline numbers)

➢ Use the browser extensions to send and respond to messages

➢ Set up recurring and automated messages/ replies

➢ Personalize text messages to include the receiver’s name/ customer ID/ etc., to make the campaigns more effective

Business Texting for Customer Service

Business texting can help improve customer service in the following ways:

▪ Send welcome messages to new customers

▪ Send reminders for appointments, meetings, etc.

▪ Send payment reminders along with shortened links to make the payment

▪ Ask for feedback on a product or a service

▪ Ask existing customers to refer to their family and friends

▪ Send updates about loyalty programs and reward points

The Success of Business Texting in 2022

▪ More and more businesses are turning to business texting in 2022 because:

▪ It helps build one-to-one relationships

▪ It is simple and easy to use

▪ It has a great engagement rate

▪ It increases the reach of the business

▪ It allows customer segmentation for targeted marketing

▪ It is versatile and can be used by any business or establishment

The success of business texting will grow in the next few years as more businesses and customers take advantage of it.

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