How To Use Free Mass Text Messaging Service For Small Business

Mass text messaging is on the rise as small business owners look for new and innovative ways to market their brand and products or services. Today, people are glued to their mobile phones which makes SMS marketing one of the best ways for small businesses to communicate. Moreover, small businesses need a marketing method that is more affordable but could give the highest return possible.

So, what is mass text messaging?

Mass texting is where bulk messages are sent to the target audience's mobile phone after they opt to receive the texts from the business. Mass texting option works great for different types of businesses like education, fashion, media, and entertainment. The benefits that mass text messaging offers to small businesses are manifold. In this article, let's discuss how mass text messaging can be used by small business owners to reap a huge profit.

1. Customer support

Offering customer support through text messaging is more convenient for both businesses and customers. It is a time-efficient and more affordable option. With two-way communication, you can build a strong customer relationship and turn your customers into brand advocates.

2. Get feedback

Instead of asking customers to fill feedback form online, you can send out mass surveys through online text message . This way you can collect feedback quickly and easily. You can utilize the data collected from such surveys to know about your customer satisfaction level, demands, needs, and more and can shape your business accordingly.

3. Send promotions

One of the most important uses of text messaging is that it can help you send promotions to a highly targeted audience with just a few clicks. Sending promotions to your prospects can turn them into leads and customers.

4. Discount coupons and vouchers

You can reward your loyal customers or prospective customers by sending them SMS discount coupons or vouchers to their mobile numbers. Vouchers and coupons sent through text messages act as an important reason for the customer or the prospects to switch the brand and purchase from you.

5. Alerts and notifications

When you make any new changes to your business or you're launching a new product, you will want all your staff and other contacts to know about it. A mass text message reminder is the perfect way to communicate such information to your contacts. You can send alerts and notifications to your recipients with a single click.

Get started with mass text messaging with TXTImpact

Mass text messaging offers diverse solutions for small business owners. With a higher open rate, this marketing method will satisfy any small business owner on an affordable budget. If used properly, mass text marketing can attract new customers for your business, develop brand loyalty, and increase sales, retention levels, and ROI. If you're ready to dive into mass text marketing, contact TXTImpact now. As a reputed company in Mass text messaging services, we have helped hundreds of small businesses use our mass texting service and reap huge profits. Don't delay your business progress and call or text us for a free trial.

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