How To Send Free Mass Text Messaging?

What is Mass Text Messaging?

Text messaging is universally popular for various applications. The reach of mobile phones ensures that text message sent on mobile phones are more likely to be read by the recipient. In fact, the text message is preferred by customers to receive messages related to marketing. A key benefit of text messaging is that messages can be sent to multiple people at the same time. This is known as mass text messaging.

Mass text messaging is the best way for clients to communicate with more than one customer at the same time. A marketing message can be sent to multiple customers at one go. While this can be done through email, advanced spam filters ensure mass marketing messages are filtered out. This makes mass text messaging the best option to reach out to many customers. It is non-intrusive and preferred by customers who can attend to mass text messaging without interrupting their work.

How to Send Mass Text Messages?

Many software products are available that allow mass text messages to be sent. These software products make it convenient to send mass texts to hundreds and even thousands of customers at the same time. These products allow users to even filter out customers using different criteria. This ensures customized messages can be sent for targeted campaigns.

To send mass text messages, the first thing is to collect a database of phone numbers. Website forms and inquiry forms filled by customers would have customer data. This data would have a phone number. All you need to do is put a disclaimer informing the customer that you would be using their mobile numbers to send messages and they can opt-out any time.

You can then save the database in your text messaging software. All you need to do is type the message using the interface given in the software and select the customers to whom you want to send the message. You either can choose to send the message to all customers or can filter out messages to only a few customers as per your requirements.

The software would then send the messages to reach the mobile phones of the customers. The interactive text messages can be sent to any number of customers and would reach instantly. You can even schedule text messages so that they are sent at a particular time. These messages would be charged as per the prevailing text message charges of the service provider. Most companies would have various pricing plans that would offer credits for free messages.

Free Mass Text Messaging

Mass text messaging can be done using text messaging software products. These products charge customers for using the product. It is possible to use free mass text messaging. Let’s see how it can be done.

Free mass text messaging products are available that can be used to send bulk messages for free. These products allow you to send messages to many customers at a time and there are no charges for using these free products. However, there would be limitations on its usage, which could be in terms of the number of free messages to be used or the duration.

Another solution is to use free mass text message marketing services provided by top companies during the trial period. Companies offer all software products on a trial basis. The trial basis is usually for 14 days or a month. During this period, all services can be used for free. There are no charges required to be paid at that time.

Free mass text messaging is helpful to reach out to customers. It can help businesses communicate their marketing messages to customers effectively.

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