How to Recruit via SMS Text Messages

Recruit via SMS Text Messages

Short message service (SMS) technology has been around long enough for marketing to have taken advantage of its utilities. Marketers today use text message marketing for outreach. But it is yet to gain acceptance as a conventional means of recruitment. Nevertheless, some recruiters use it alongside other methods to hire for their company.

People across all demographics frequently use text. Many people like using messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Viber.

Additionally, while emails are likely to remain unread, text messages have a 99 percent open rate.

With text messages, you never worry that your target candidates may not read them.

Moreover, text messages are easy to create which is perfect for recruitment.

How to Handle SMS Recruitment

A message from a recruiter might catch people by surprise. If you are not careful, your message may annoy candidates or make them feel uncomfortable. To avoid such possibilities, observe business writing etiquette.

Use Short Messages

People may find it hard to read long messages on their mobile screens. Consider calling candidates or writing them emails if the message is rather detailed. You may want to write texts that are as brief as tweets — 140 characters long.

Use Templates

It is possible that you send similar messages to candidates all the time. To make work easier and save time, consider using an SMS template. There are applications you can use to create SMS templates on Android phones and iPhones.

Have the Messages Look and Read Professional

Texting is a casual way of conveying messages. But you should keep your communication professional when contacting candidates. Never use emojis, slang, or abbreviation.

Read and reread your text to ensure that it is error-free. Before you hit the send button, confirm that you are contacting the intended recipient.

Be Organized

As a recruiter, you have a career to build. The last thing you want is to be the person who completes tasks late. Confirming candidates' mobile numbers and interview dates can be time-consuming activities. There are mobile apps that can help you manage valuable information in one location. Are you using Workable as your Applicant Tracking System? Our iPhone and Android apps help you effectively communicate with your candidates and manage your workflow.

How do you fill open shifts

Use Text Message Appointment Service with confirmation (RSVP) to speed-up hiring process by communicating with all candidates at once and save precious time.

Select all eligible and available employees from your contact list and send RSVP confirmation text messages for the shift that needs to be filled. Everyone you selected will receive a text message alert about the available shift. Employees can reply to text message to confirm or decline the request and you’ll receive all responses via email.

Use our text to email service, two-way text messaging service to allow employees to text-in for time-off/sick day requests. Send staff text alerts when there is a schedule change, swap or open shift using mass text messaging service.

What to Avoid

  • Do not use text if you have not met a potential candidate more than once. Use SMS after you have contacted them in some other way. Do not spam candidates.
  • Invest some time in personalizing messages. Only text when necessary. Avoid mass text messaging— it is impersonal and may harm your company's reputation.
  • Also, do not send messages after office hours or outside of working days. The candidate may think people at your company work overtime. They may even feel you do not respect their personal time.
  • Last but not least, do not send messages using your phone number. Always use the business cell phone. You can also use services such as recruit text message service to hire right.

You can use text messaging when recruiting. Knowing when and how to use it helps. The method mainly remains unconventional. However, it can support other approaches, making your work easier.

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