Text Message Appointment Reminders

Reduce No-Show

Is your business dependent on appointments with clients? Do you want to use SMS or Text Message to send Appointment Reminder notification? Reduce your customer “no-shows” with automated Text Appointment Reminders and follow-up system and increases your bottom-line revenue. TXTImpact offers an easy way to send SMS Appointment Reminder notification to your clients, and they can reply to confirm or reschedule the appointment. Reliable SMS texting system with high delivery rates to all USA, Canada, and worldwide mobile subscribers.

Integration with Google Calendar

Google Calendar integration with Text appointment reminder service allows you to manage appointments directly from a Google’s Calendar interface. The appointments set up in the Google Calendar will be automatically scheduled for a text alert as per the delivery schedule. The clients will be able to confirm or cancel the appointment via a text message. Watch the tutorial below to the end for the instructions to link Google Calendar account.

Watch How Text Appointment Reminder Software works?

What are the Features of SMS Appointment Reminder Service?

  • Confirmation/Cancellation: Patients/clients have the ability to confirm or cancel their appointments with just one simple SMS reply. Our appointment notifications system cut the cost and free-up your staff. Clients will receive an automated confirmation text message.
  • Personalization: Create customized templates for different kinds of appointments. Personalize reminder text message, confirmation, or cancellation response text message for every professional in your office.
  • Multiple Notification: You can configure appointment reminders to send multiple notification prior appointments at various intervals, as early as 7 days or last hour reminder.
  • Easy to manage: You can enter appointments for multiple clients at once from easy to use web interface. Quickly set up multiple appointment reminders by importing a spreadsheet file
  • Follow-up text message: Your staff will be able to receive email or text notification of any cancellation. Staff can also send follow-up text message to a client.

Who can used Text Appointment Reminder Service?

  • Medical office can send a friendly reminder to patients of upcoming appointments and follow-up visits.
  • Business can send reminds to customers about special events and promotions.
  • Churches send notification of upcoming events, fund raising drives, Bible study or special meetings.
  • Spa/Salons send clients text notification of their scheduled appointments.

Text Message Service Features

  • Support text messages longer than 160 characters
  • Supports HTTP & SMPP interface for sending and receiving text messages
  • Access to 800+ carriers, 200 countries to send and receive text messages
  • Dedicated & shared short code support for North America
  • Real time delivery reports available
  • Extensive online reporting tools
  • Robust text message delivery platform

You can use the following tools to send SMS text messages to individuals or group from your applications, website, servers or simply from email

  • Through our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs): connect your application or Web site quickly and easily with our HTTP API or SMPP API.
  • Send text message from command line
  • Send personalized text messages from Excel using our Excel2Text tool
  • Send text messages from our Email
  • Send text messages from any computer that is connected to the Internet through Web SMS

Why TXTImpact?

  • We’re offering SMS message services since 2002 for USA and rest of the world
  • TXTImpact is one of the very few of the companies in the USA provides SMPP interface and Real-time delivery reports
  • TXTImpact is a USA short code tier1 application provider. We’re not resellers like many others competitors.
  • TXTImpact is based in and operator from USA
  • Access to 800+ carriers, 200 countries to send and receive text messages
  • Dedicated & shared short code support for USA and Canada
  • Real time delivery reports available
  • Robust text message delivery platform

Text Message Services offered by TXTImpact

  • Web Texting service : Send text message to one or a group of hundreds using web based tool and receive replies.Add contact one by one manually or upload list of mobile number to broadcast a message.
  • Outlook Text Message service : Send text message directly from Outllook 2007 and 2010.
  • Email to text message : Use your email client to send text message from email account and receive replies back to email. You can easily communicate with one person or groups of people while using a familiar email client interface such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
  • SMS Appointment Reminder : Reduce No-show and missed appointments with text message appointment reminder service.
  • SMS API : Send text message from your server, website, or an application. HTTP & SMPP interface available. Tap into our two-way SMS Developer API to quickly launch your own SMS marketing applications.
  • International Coverage: Send text message to over 200 countries and receive text message from over 23 countries using local numbers.
  • Third Party Integration: Send text message from WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, MailChimp, ConstantContact, and iContact.
  • Command line application: Send SMS from command line, it can be used to integrate with third party CRM, ERP, Microsoft management server and server applications for alerts management.

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