How to make your Memorial Day Memorable with TXTImpact?

Memorial day

In the US, Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May every year. It is an occasion to remember all those who died serving the United States military. It is a holiday where families get together to remember the brave soldiers who gave their lives for the country. On this occasion, families travel, go to malls, shops, and other places to spend the holiday together. Memorial Day is a good opportunity for marketers to promote their products and increase their sales. While there are many strategies to do it, one of the most cost-effective ones is text marketing.

Texting and marketing

Text or SMS marketing is the use of mobile messaging to reach out to customers. It is the simplest and easiest way of engaging with customers. Text messages can reach recipients on their mobile phones even without internet connectivity. This ensures the message reaches without fail. Further, studies have shown that nearly 97% of all messages are read by the recipient. This is an exciting piece of statistics for marketers. Sending an SMS with marketing content would surely be read by the recipient. The conversion rate is higher than email marketing, making it ideal for use.

It is easy to send text messages for marketing. You need texting software to help you send a mass text message
easily and quickly. You need a database of customers and potential customers/leads. You can even sort out this database so that you can send messages to specific segments of customers. All this becomes easy when you use the software. The last thing you need is the content - the message you want to send.

Making Memorial Day memorable

A marketer can make Memorial Day memorable both for the company and customers by running an effective marketing campaign to promote their products. This can be done easily and you can ensure higher sales on this key holiday. The following are some tips that can be used by marketers, where they use business text messaging to reach out to customers.

1) Use relevance

The online text message that you send needs to be relevant to the occasion. Since you are running this campaign for Memorial Day, make sure your message is relevant. For example, when you inform the customers of your campaign through the message, you can use text like:

• Start the summer with great savings for Memorial Day.

• Celebrate Memorial Day with a great spring sale offer.

• An unbelievable offer for Memorial Day, don’t miss out, order today.

2) Offer an attractive holiday promotion

People are ready to spend for the holidays and all they need is an incentive to help them do that. You can offer that incentive to motivate them to buy. You can use any of the following promotions through group texting to do it:

• Offer a straight discount on your products either as a percentage (20-50% off) or as a fixed amount ($100 off).

• Offer a chance to win a gift or a bonus on making the purchase (buy one get one or buy one get 50% one on the second product).

• Offer free shipping and maybe cashback to get them interested.

3) Target your customers accurately

You need to target your customers so that you reach out to the right audience. There is no use sending the same message to a thousand people. You need to target specific segments. For instance, if your store has a special bargain for children, your message should target the parents and send it to them. Once you select your segment, send specific messages to them outlining the special offer you have for them. You can keep sending repeat messages by using the schedule text message option so that once you make a schedule the messages would be sent automatically at the pre-fixed time.

4) Use keywords

Keywords can make a camp again successful. You can create a special keyword for the occasion like maybe MEMDAY. This keyword will enable you to respond to customers quickly. You can also get feedback from your customers on the offers and on the orders they place. You can use a survey text message to send a survey that can be done by replying to the message or by visiting a webpage, where the survey can be taken. Texting can be used to not just send a message but even to engage with customers. Using keywords is how this can be done. When customers reply to a keyword, you can send automated messages providing them the information they need.

The above guidelines can be very helpful for marketers to reach out to customers and run a powerful campaign for Memorial Day. Create a customized campaign today and you can run it to look forward to increased sales and more profits that would truly make this day memorable.

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