How Business SMS Texting Software Helps to Boost Sales in 2021?

2021 brings with it hope – hope of an end to the Corona pandemic and hope for improvement in the economy. With vaccines being available, it won’t be long before the economy is back to normal. Businesses can then restart their sales campaigns to bring in revenue. In 2021, one of the key ways in which companies can boost their sales is by using Business SMS Texting Software. This software allows a business to send SMS text messages to their customers to communicate and engage with them better.

Of all the marketing communication techniques, text messaging is effective in terms of both result and cost. It costs hardly any money to send text messages. A business needs to have a database of clients and leads. They can then sign up for a business SMS texting software service. This will allow them to send messages to multiple customers at the click of a mouse. They can engage with customers, run marketing campaigns, and do much more using SMS.

Why SMS for marketing?

There are many reasons why a business should use SMS for its marketing and sales:

• An SMS is likely to be opened within 90 seconds by 97% of all recipients. This makes it a great way to reach out to customers.
• SMS marketing has a response rate of more than 46%, which is higher than email marketing.
• SMS for marketing is preferred by 86% of customers (as per a study), since it is non-intrusive.
• 60% of businesses surveyed said that they planned to increase their budget for SMS marketing.
• It is expected that in 2024, companies would be spending $83 billion on Text marketing.
• An SMS does not need internet connectivity or a smartphone. Any mobile phone user can read an SMS and reply to it, making its reach the most among all communication methods.

How Business text messaging can help boost sales?

Using text messaging can help a business reach out to new customers and engage with them. It allows the business to promote its brand and products more easily. The following explains how SMS can be used to boost sales:

1) It can be used to introduce a brand

Introductory text messages can be sent to customers to introduce the brand and its offerings. This can help in creating brand awareness. It can be used to also create awareness of a product. Introductory messages can have a welcome offer to motivate the recipient to become a customer (eg: offering a special introductory discount). This is a good way to reach out to new customers and also boost sales.

2) Marketing campaigns can be run through SMS

Text messaging can help in running marketing campaigns. New product offers, promotional sales, weekend campaigns, weekday offers, and discount sales can all be run through SMS. A text message blast can be sent to all customers informing them of the campaign and motivating them to buy. The message can include a voucher code that can be used while shopping. Customers can be asked to show the message to the cashier at the store. For online shopping, a link to the online store can be given with the discount or offer activated. These campaigns can be very helpful in boosting sales.

3) Engaging with customers is easy

The secret to success for a business is to engage with customers. For a sale to take place, multiple engagements are needed. Customers don’t prefer intrusive methods like telephonic calls or visits by a salesman. This is where SMS can be helpful. SMS can be used to communicate with the customer. The use of keywords can help use SMS for two-way communication. For example, an SMS can include “send INFO to get more information”. If the customer replies using the word “INFO”, the business text software would automatically send a message with more information on the product.

4) Personalized selling can be done

Sending mass text messages is easy but some customers don’t like this approach. They prefer to receive a personalized message. This is where business texting software can help. The software can be used to include the customer’s name and other such personal information. This would make the customer feel that the message is targeted specifically at him/her. 70% of customers prefer to engage with brands that send personalized messages. Using this feature can help a business engage with more customers and increase sales.

In 2021, businesses need to put in more effort to bring in customers and increase sales. The use of SMS texting software can help them do this in an effective way. It is more effective than many other marketing techniques and produces better results at a lesser cost. It can provide a cutting edge for businesses helping them to boost their sales in 2021.

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