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How to Increase Your Lead Generation using Text Marketing

Lead generation
Text marketing is one of the best ways to increase lead generation and it is also budget friendly. There are numerous amazing statistics supporting how great text marketing is especially in comparison to other marketing medium. Both just like any strategy; it has a process. When any of the principles of the process is violated, it is impossible to get what you are expecting from the tactic. So, do you know how to really increase your lead generation using text
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How to Use Text Marketing to Make More Sales

If there is anything people hates most, it is infiltrating their privacy without their consent. This is why most consumers detest being disturbed by adverts on sites when they are trying to read an article. That is even less frowned upon, email tends to get more backlash. Even though customers may sign up to receive emails from certain businesses, it is estimated that about 95 percent of emails received are spam. This is because most marketers misuse this opportunity and
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4 Ways To Generate Leads Using Text Marketing

4 Ways to Generate Leads using Text Marketing
When the rate of users of cellphones for texting is examined, it appears like it is the main reason why everybody purchased their phones in the first place. However, marketers are less interested in tapping into this market and instead will prefer spending heavily on other digital advertising media. This is where they get it wrong. Statista predicted there will be about 4.77 billion mobiles users worldwide in 2017 while Techcrunch also followed suit by predicting there will be up
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5 Examples of SMS Marketing done the right way?

SMS Marketing done the right way
SMS Marketing One of the common marketing strategies companies use in the digital age is SMS Marketing. SMS or Short Message Service can be used to send messages to mobile phone users. This is a quick and easy way to message people. Mobile phones have today become common and sending an SMS is the easiest way to communicate with someone. SMS can be used for marketing too. Companies can use SMS as a medium to contact customers. They can send
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Text to Email Service To Bring Texting into the Business World

Everyone knows how popular texting is. Nearly 10 trillion text messages were sent last year. Of all U.S. cellphone owners, 80% of them use text messaging, also known as SMS (short message service). Texting has become an essential collaboration tool for work. But texting remains a clumsy fit inside the office. Text messages from employee or customer to an employee may offer meaningful business information, contacts and schedules, but they almost always arrive to a personal mobile number; lack a
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Is SMS Marketing Right For Your Brand? Find 6 Benefits of SMS Marketing

business texting service
Smart phones are an important accessory that no one forgets to carry. Majority of the business deals are done via smart phones today. Today, mobile devices drive more traffic to websites than desktops do. Today, the whole world has come inside a phone screen. People browse websites, chat and even check their emails on phones more as compared to desktops or laptops. This brings into focus an important part of mobile phones and that is the text messaging service. SMS
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Create Personalized SMS Marketing Campaigns Using Zip Codes

A significant key to outreach, connect and retain consumers is the use of a mass text messaging platform. Text message marketing not only enables you to generate leads but grants you the ability to make to make connections with customers using a proper communication channel. To have a successful SMS marketing campaign, you need to use the right metadata points to enable you to reach a broad audience. Of course, the choice of verification tool or metadata point is going
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RSVP Text Messaging: Text Message Appointment Reminder Service

“How do you fill open shifts?” does your business requires temporary, seasonal or intermittent employees? need to fill last minute shifts fast, spending too much time on the phone with employees and candidates. use TXTImpact 2-way Text Messaging Service to fill shifts in minutes, quickly find qualified and eligible candidates to cover a shift at the last minute.   use Text Message Appointment Service with confirmation (RSVP) to speed-up hiring process by communicating with all candidates at once and save
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SMS Marketing 2013: A Year in Review

The common adage, “Out with the old and in with the new” definitely rings true for SMS message marketing in 2013. This has been a year of significant changes in regulations and procedures for mobile marketers who use texts as part of their efforts. Unfortunately, many marketers have employed illegal tactics while marketing their products and services by sending unsolicited SPAM texts to consumers. Obviously, this can cause great distress to consumers as it is clearly a breach of their
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Text Messages For Insurance Industry

Text Messages for Insurance
Insurers Return to Text Messages for Customer Interaction. They’re not as flashy as apps, but text messages gets the job done quickly and easily for insurance companies. Smartphone apps are hot in insurance and elsewhere. But simple text messaging is still one of the most popular uses of mobile phones. Young adults are sending an average of 109.5 text messages per day, Time reported in 2011. Some insurance companies are trying to insert themselves into that flow and take advantage
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