SMS Marketing: The Beginner’s Guide Everything You Need to Know

SMS Marketing is one of the most popular tools used by businesses for customer engagement. It is a simple yet effective tool used for customer communication. SMS involved the use of sending text messages of around 160 characters. These messages can be sent by businesses for their brand promotion and product promotion. More importantly, they can be used to engage effectively with customers to boost their business. If the idea of using SMS marketing appeals to you, then this beginner’s guide will tell you all you want to know.

Basics of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing iis used to send text messages to communicate with leads and customers. An SMS would have a message in short where the business tries to communicate and engage with customers. Some basic concepts of SMS marketing to know include:

• SMS marketing can be sent to any number of people using SMS software. The software allows you to send messages to everyone or a selected number of people. You can even schedule the dates and timings when you want to send the message.

• You need a database of leads and customers to whom messages would be sent. The database needs to be updated frequently so you have the latest numbers with you.

• It is important to take the consent of people before adding them to your database and sending messages. When you send an SMS, you need to provide an option for people to stop receiving the messages. If anyone indicates they do not want to receive a message, you must remove their name from the database. This is a legal requirement.

• Keywords are an important way by which you can use SMS marketing effectively. A keyword is a word that is used in the message. This word can be configured so that whenever the word is used in the message, your SMS marketing software will recognize it. For example, if the word ‘OFFER’ is used, details of all offers can be sent to the Customer.

Why use SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is an extremely important marketing tool. The reasons why you should use SMS marketing include:

• An SMS would be viewed by 97% of recipients within 3 minutes of receipt.

• SMS marketing has a response rate of around 46%, which is higher than other forms like email marketing. Customers also prefer to receive promotional messages through SMS. This is because of the non-intrusive nature of SMS marketing.

• Most people have access to a mobile, which makes it convenient to send them SMS texts. The message can be sent to any customer, including those who have no smartphone or no internet connectivity.
• On average, people check their mobile phones more than 150 times a day. This makes sending SMS for marketing a great idea.

How to use SMS marketing?

It is very easy to start using SMS marketing. Here are the details that will help you to use SMS marketing:

  1. Use the SMS software to type a text message and select the customers to whom you want to send the message. The message is sent immediately or as per the schedule you specify. To make SMS marketing more effective, send personalized messages. The software will allow you to include the customer name or other details. Such a personalized message would make a greater impact.

  2. Use SMS to send introductory messages to leads. This will help you promote your brand and introduce your customers to your products. This is a good way of improving your reach.

  3. SMS marketing can be used for promotion. Send offers and deals to customers, including exclusive offers to loyal customers. Such a message will make the customer interested to visit your store or online store. Providing a voucher code or mobile Coupons is a great way to make the customer shop for your product.

  4. You can use SMS marketing even for service. You can send messages regarding service details, appointment bookings, updates on service status, etc. Customers can even book appointments, send queries, and also book complaints using SMS.

  5. You can send updates to customers on details like order status, delivery status of products, invoice link, payment reminders, receipts for payments, reminder of appointments, etc. This is a good way to be in touch with customers.

  6. SMS can be used to conduct customer surveys. You can get feedback from customers on your products/services. This is a good way to know how happy your customers are.

The beginner’s guide presented here would have helped you understand all about SMS marketing. You should have been able to understand how to use it for your business and the benefits you get. You can start using SMS marketing from today to boost your business. Subscribing to an SMS marketing service provider will help you start using this service effectively.

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