6 Ways SMS Can Help Drive Traffic to Dealerships by Promoting Sales

SMS has today replaced email as the top communication tool used by businesses. Engagement with customers has become easy thanks to the use of text messaging. An SMS can be sent easily, is less expensive, reaches quickly, and is highly effective. Studies have shown how that SMS generates a better response when used in sales. Customers also prefer receiving promotional messages through SMS since it is convenient and non-intrusive.

If you are running a dealership, then sales is a very important activity. The success of any dealership depends on constant engagement with customers. You need to reach out to potential leads and convert them to leads. You need to convert the leads into a prospect through effective engagement. You also need to conduct promotional campaigns to generate sales. SMS is a convenient tool to help you do this.

6 ways in which SMS can help drive traffic

If you want to generate sales, you need to drive traffic to your dealership. This is crucial. Whether you are selling cars, electronic products, or any other products you can get sales only if customers visit your dealership. Generating traffic is thus the key. Once the traffic comes in, your sales team can work on them and try to get a sale.

Text messaging can help you effectively bring in traffic. Let’s look at 6 ways to do so.

1) Encourage traffic through offers

The best way to get traffic is through offers. Promotional offers like discounts can help you attract people. When you offer a product at a lesser price, the chances of customers coming in are high. You can send a message with the discount and ask the customer to show it at the counter to avail of the offer. This is a great way to bring in traffic. When people come into your dealership, the chances of a sale increase.

2) Use pop-up sales methods

Pop-up sales refer to special sales to make people finish their purchase immediately. If you have inventory that is not moving, then you can plan a pop-up sale where you announce an attractive offer for the products. To ensure the strategy works, you need to create urgency. You can do this by promoting it as a weekend offer or offer available only today. This is a great way to get traffic and ensure sales at the same time.

3) Try out coupons to get traffic

Coupons are a popular promotional method that can help you get traffic. There are different types of coupons you can offer depending on your product and your business plan. You can offer a mobile coupons to buy one and get one free or buy one and get one at 50%. Another great coupon idea is to offer a free gift for purchase of products. You can again urgency by saying gifts only for first 100 customers.

4) Invite them for events to get traffic

Events in the store are a great way to generate traffic. Events will bring in many people, many of whom may not even want to buy the products. But a huge crowd creates a sense of excitement and makes your dealership the talking point. Conducting events by inviting celebrities or organizing demonstrations is a good way to get traffic. Such events can help differentiate you from competitors. You can promote such events by sending mass text messages.

5) Engage one to one with leads

While offers and coupons are mass texting strategy, one-to-one texting is very important for engagement. SMS is not just for mass texting but can be used to individually interact with leads. You can do this by including keywords and ask customers to reply using a keyword. This will allow your software to send them tailored messages based on the keyword. If the customer indicates they want more information, then your executives can then talk one to one through SMS. This is a good way to reach out to customers effectively and try to bring them to the store.

6) Thoughtful gestures can be helpful

Customers love thoughtful gestures from businesses. They also like to receive personalized messages. Sending a mass text message may have a lesser impact. Using SMS software can help you include the name of the customer in the message. This makes the message appear more personal. You can send messages to wish customers on their birthdays or anniversaries. Such messages can be accompanied with a special and exclusive offer. This is a great way to generate traffic and also earn goodwill.

All the methods described above are simple and easy to implement. You just need a database of potential customers and texting software to start sending messages. You can start today by sending a text message blast. It can help you drive in traffic that can boost your sales.

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