5 Ways MMS Marketing Will Help You Get More Business

SMS marketing is a popular technique used by companies for marketing. They use SMS marketing to engage with customers by sending them introductory messages, promotional messages, alerts, notifications, and even use it to conduct surveys. Using SMS marketing is a simple, convenient, and cost-effective way for customer engagement. While SMS marketing is effective, it can be made more effective by using MMS marketing.

What is MMS Marketing?

MMS stands for Multimedia Message Service. It is just like SMS but has an extra feature. While SMS involves sending text messages, MMS can be used to send pictures, audio, and video, which is multimedia. The use of multimedia helps to make a message more effective. For example, if you are running a bakery and are offering a new dessert, an SMS can help in letting your customers know of this.

You can make this message more effective by including a photograph of the new dessert. This would make the customer desire to taste the dessert and can work as a strong call to action. It can make the customer visit the store and buy the dessert. Similarly, if you are a real estate agent and are offering a property for sale, then attaching pictures would be helpful. You can even send a video of the property, which would be much more effective.

MMS marketing involves sending multimedia messages to customers. These messages are more attractive than text messages and have a high chance if being opened. The response rate for these messages would be higher than email marketing. Since most people use smartphones and have them at all the time, MMS messages would be more effective in marketing.

5 ways MMS marketing will get you more business

MMS marketing is without a doubt a powerful way of carrying out marketing and promotional activities. The use of multimedia adds to the effectiveness of an SMS. The following are five ways by which you can use MMS marketing to boost your business:

1. Decide your target audience

The first thing to do before you start using MMS marketing is to decide who your target audience is. Your target audience must be comfortable receiving and using MMS. If your target audience is the elderly or people living in rural areas, they may not be interested in MMS messages. If your target audience is more of young people and urban residents, then MMS will work well. Since they would have smartphones with high-speed internet, they would be happy to download MMS messages and view them. This ensures your marketing campaign will yield results.

2. Decide the content

An MMS is just like an SMS but has multimedia with it. The first thing to do is to add the text to the message. MMS is not merely multimedia but has a text message with pictures, audio, video added to it. Create the text content just as you would for an SMS but ensure you mention that there are multimedia attachments with the message. You can even create a graphic with text and send it as it would have both the text and the picture in it.

3. Decide the multimedia type to use

Do you want to use photographs, graphics, audio, animations, or video. Multimedia opens up a lot of options before you. Depending on the type of message you are sending, the type of business you are operating, and your target audience you can decide the multimedia type. For instance, if you are selling a new product that is visually attractive, use a photograph or picture in the MMS. If you want to demonstrate the product, then use a video for greater effect. If you want to make your message fun and interesting, use animation.

4. Consider adding links

When you send a multimedia message, you can add links to the message. The links can be in the photo or video you send. The link ensures people click on your message and take it forward to the next level. When a customer sees a video, he may be motivated to know more. You should provide a link to your website where the customer can get more information or even make an online purchase. Adding links will help you keep track of the effectiveness of your MMS campaign.

5. Plan the message size carefully and test it

When you send an MMS, it has attachments that increase the size of the message. While an SMS reaches instantly, an MMS takes time since the multimedia content needs to be downloaded. You should ideally not send attachments more than 1 MB. Sending larger attachments can be counterproductive. Test the message before sending to check the speed of download.

Mass Marketing can be done using the guidelines given above. It is a great way to boost your business through effective engagement with customers.

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