The best way to reach and engage customers still remains through text messaging. Most consumers grew up texting. That is why it is no surprise 44 percent of consumers prefers to receive marketing messages through text instead of any other channel. Also, 75 percent of them are okay with receiving SMS messages from brands after opting in.

52 percent of consumers also said they prefer texting customer support than using any other communication channel. In a similar survey, 31 percent of respondents notes it is important to have texting options in customer support contacts and 47 percent said their overall satisfaction will be improved with this.

There is no better time to join other marketers who believe in the potential of text messaging in business communication.

Text messaging is flexible and could fit almost any business communication type. Below are some templates (samples) of text messaging used for varying business communication type.

Text Messaging Templates for Business Communications


Booking/Appointment Text Template

Instead of making customers wait on call while addressing another, the use of text messaging can make booking/appointment easier. Multiple bookings/appointments can be set up within the same time it will take to do complete a one of such via a phone call.


  • Interview

“Hey Adrian, We currently have a vacancy for a travel agent ($100/hr) in Washington DC. Will you be able to make it here tomorrow by 10 am? – Cynthia, ABCStaffing”

  • Service

“Thanks for contacting us for your travel plan. How many people are you planning to take on the trip? Please reply with a number.”

Marketing/Promotional Text Template

Marketing and Promotional text have to be able to instantly grab prospects attention and should also use call-to-action that the consumer can relate with. Before settling for a particular text, brainstorm different ones and narrow them down to 2 or 3. Send these to different segments of email lists. The best performing text is your killer pitch!


  • Product Promotional Offers

Buy 2 dishwashers and get a 30% discount this Cyber Monday. Offer valid for the first 10 customers. Visit the ABC and Sons website to place your order today!

  • Contact List Subscription

Be among the first 100 people to know about our latest discount and special offers now! Text “SUBSCRIBE” to 27126.

  • Loyalty Program/Returning Customer

Ordering for the first time? Text “LOYAL” to 27126 to get a 15% discount on the first three future orders. All Natural Baby Cream.

  • Events/Membership

Join other elites in your area this summer for the conference titled: “Global Warming A Global Concern” organized by TRY Events Annex.

  • New Business Branch

We are now closer to you than ever! Just work into our new store at Lucy Park to get Lucy’s latest wristwatch.

  • Time of Operation

You come first and that is why we have decided to extend our closing time in all stores across the country to 5:30 pm from 3:30 pm. We will be waiting for you. LAYUP Shoes and Clothes.

Appointment Reminders

It will surprise you it takes some people a few minutes to recollect what they had for breakfast when asked. No wonder, you will hear excuses of “I totally forgot” from customers when they already booked an appointment.

Calling them before the scheduled time or when you observe they are running late might be a good decision. But what if they are in a place they can’t answer their phone. That is where the importance of text messaging trumps.

Things to include in an appointment reminder include;

  • The purpose of the text {This is to remind you of your appointment at Lucy’s Dental Clinic}.
  • The exact date and time of the appointment {May 23rd, 2019 by 11:00 am}
  • Location of the meeting place
  • Your brand or company name
  • A phone number to contact


  • Spas Massage

Hey Veronica, reminding you that your Sanuk Massage appointment is scheduled for today by 11:30 am. At Evergreen Spas. Contact Jane on 777-222-22-222 for questions.

  • Real Estate

Hi Jude, our agent (Mike) will be showing you around the property today by 10:30 am. Contact him via this number in case of the need to reschedule.

  • Dental Clinic

Remember your dental appointment with Dr. Daniel is scheduled for October 23, 12:30 pm. DBY Dental Clinic (669-373-33-333)

Text Polls

The most reliable and fastest channel to gather consumers thought on a product is by conducting an SMS poll. Many brands and organizations make use of this channel to get people to vote for their favorite celebrity or model.

To conduct a successful text poll:

  • Promote the products or individuals you are assessing
  • Create the poll
  • Upload the poll online or to a medium audience/customers can access it.
  • Create a short text and code they can use to reply {such as “text NameofArtist to 27126 to vote for your favorite Artist Of The Year”}

SMS Contest

Text messaging can also be used to inform costumers of competition and at the same time offers them a chance to join in the contest. This channel is more engaging and also saves customers lots of stress of scrolling and filling an online form to register.

Things to include in an SMS contest;

  • Type of contest
  • Compensation
  • Link to terms and conditions
  • Company name
  • Expected number of entry and registration deadline


“Patrick, here is your chance of becoming one of our five $30,000 cash prize lucky winners. Text JOIN to 27126 to enter NOW!”

“Reply INTERESTED in this message in the next 48 hours to be eligible to contest in our free trip to Safari Africa raffle draw on May 30th, 2019”


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