SMS AutoResponder or Text Auto Reply allows customers to request real-time business or product information via text message anytime 24/7, while putting business contact information in the pocket of the client for future reference as well as allowing businesses to capture customer’s mobile numbers. Right now, you put your advertising out there, and you wait for a response. You wait for a phone call, a website visit, a response by mail or a visit to the store. Wouldn’t it be great if consumers could respond to your advertising immediately – as soon as they see the ad and they’re interested in what you’ve got to say? Now you can get an instant response to your advertising with TXTImpact Text Marketing Solutions. Engage customers beyond just text auto replies; Now you can add drip SMS marketing messages and send follow-up text message promotions automatically with predefined intervals after customers opt-in.

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SMS Autoresponder/Text Message Auto Reply Features

TXTImpact’s SMS text and MMS message auto response system is an SMS and MMS Marketing tool that lets consumers request information about your products and services by sending a text from their mobile phone. It is immediate, convenient, cost effective and measurable.

  • The ability to customize the messages that customers receive
  • Add calendar based auto response messages, such as one message for M-F 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, other message for weekends etc.
  • Add timed drip marketing messages to campaign. The drip messages will release a series of text or picture messages to customer within minutes, hours or days from the opt-in time.
  • Double-opt in option
  • Capture email addresses, names, and zipcodes with advance contact information capture
  • The option to track and follow up with prospective leads
  • Real-time notifications via text message or e-mail when inquiries are made
  • Attach Images and short vidoes as an MMS

How SMS AutoResponder service works

  • Register a Mobile keyword.

    Check if we have a keyword available for your business:

    *There shouldn’t be any space or special character in a keyword. The keyword can be a 4-20 characters word, the combination of letters and numbers. For Example 4Win, Laundry, FrankPizza, etc.
  • Promote Mobile Keyword (e.g call to action; TEXT ATA to 27126 to receive trial 4 weeks classes at no cost!)
  • Customer text “Mobile Keyword” to short codes
  • Customer receives an SMS auto reply back
  • Business owners can optionally receive an email or a text message notifications, whenever someone texts the keyword to the short code
  • All customers mobile numbers will be stored and can be downloaded
  • Businesses may send mass text messages to opt-in customers using the web-based mass texting tool
Text TXTDINE to 27126 (msg&data rates may apply)

Text Message Marketing Auto Response System Is Great For

  • Text for Directions:Mobile users text keywords to get directions to a store or event.
  • Text for Daily Specials:Restaurants can offer daily specials via text message.
  • Text for Discounts: Mobile user’s text keywords for a special offer or discount on products or services.
  • Text for Info:Mobile user’s text keywords to receive marketing material on their mobile phone while responding to traditional marketing, Print Radio, TV, etc.
  • Text to order Brochures:Mobile user’s text keywords to receive marketing materials by supplying their postal addresses.
  • Text to sign-up for email subscription list.
  • Text to Request product information including videos on the Go
  • Text to download Mobile APP

Watch How to setup Drip SMS Autoresponder Campaign

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