Text Messaging For Business:15 ways to Boost your Business using Mass text messaging

Text messaging is an effective method that businesses can use to engage with their customers. It is a preferred method to communicate with customers as it is non-intrusive and easy to use. A text message can be sent to all mobile users, including those who don’t have a smartphone. Studies have shown that 97% of all mobile users open messages they receive. The response rate for text messages is also higher than other communication modes like email. This makes it a preferred mode of communication for businesses.

If you are having a business, you can use mass text messaging to reach out to your customers. The following are 15 ways of texting messaging for business:

1) Run marketing campaigns through SMS

You can run a marketing campaign through Bulk SMS. You can send messages to customers promoting a new product/service, or announcing a sale. You can send details of marketing offers to make customers visit your store or click on a link you send to visit your website.

2) Use keywords for better engagement

Keywords can help you engage with your customers allowing you to use text messaging as a two-way communication tool. You can include keywords in your messages for customers to respond so that you can automatically send details to the customers.

3) Use special offers

Special offers can be given to customers through SMS. The offer can be in the form of a discount coupon, voucher code, or rebate. This will prompt the customer to visit your store in person or online so that they can avail of the offer. This will increase the possibility of a sale.

4) Use a call to action

The key factor to success in digital marketing is using a call to action. This must be something that compels the recipient of the message to take action either by clicking on a link you send and sending a message to you. The call to action can be in the form of a short link included in the message or a specific keyword for the customers to use.

5) Send personalized messages

Mass text messages are not liked by all customers as they feel it is a standard template sent to everyone. You can overcome this problem by including merge fields like customer name and other such details. This will make the message personalized and the customer will not feel that they have received a mass message.

6) Use MMS

MMS messaging or Multimedia allows you to send pictures or videos. You can use it to send product pictures/videos that make the message stronger. You can include YouTube video links in the message.

7) Conduct contests

Contests, competitions, and raffles are a good way to attract customers. You can send a message inviting customers to participate in a contest. You can offer free products or discount coupons as a gift. 8) Update customers You can update customers on information like new product launches, upgrades, special offers, etc through an SMS message. This is a good way to keep interacting with your customer.

9) Delivery/service status alerts

Another powerful usage of SMS is to send alerts on the status of orders, product delivery, service completion, etc. This can ensure the customer is aware of the stage of order processing. This is an easier way of communicating than emails or asking the customer to visit your website.

10) Handle service calls through SMS

Instead of asking customers to call or login to lodge a service request, you can handle this through SMS. The customer can send a message to lodge a service request and you can update the status of the same also through SMS.

11) Conduct surveys

You can conduct customer surveys to find out if customers are satisfied with your survey. You can do this by asking them to reply with a keyword/message to send their response. This allows for instant feedback.

12) Use location-based messaging

You can tie-up with a service provider to offer location-based messaging. When a customer comes near your store, an SMS can be sent inviting the customer to visit your store.

13) Link with social media

You can link social media pages in your message to encourage customers to visit your social media page.

14) Track effectiveness

You can use web links for customers to click for more details. This will help you track how many customers clicked the link and how many bought a product. You can track the effectiveness of your campaigns easily.

15) Create urgency

You can create urgency by intimating a deadline eg: Offer expires in 48 hours or the Last 2 days left.

Text messages are a great way to boost your business as it allows you to engage in a better way with your customers. All you need is a customer database and texting software.

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