Is Automated Text Message Marketing Is Perfect For Recruiting

Importance of timely communication for recruiting

Recruiting agencies need to be in constant touch with clients as well as potential recruits. A recruiter needs to contact many job seekers to fill a position. Constant information needs to be provided to the client on the status of the recruitment. Candidates need to be sent information on the jobs. More importantly, scheduling interviews is a key process. Timely information has to be provided on interview schedules to ensure the process goes on smoothly.

There are different ways recruiters can do this

1) Emails: Emails are not the perfect way to reach out to people. Emails have an effective read rate of around 25%. Spam filters can send email to text marketing the junk box causing communication gaps.
  1. Phone calls: While talking to a client or candidate is ideal, people are busy with their work and may not have the time to respond to a call. An applicant would be working for another organization and may not be able to receive recruitment calls at the workplace.

  2. Messages: Text messages are the best ways of communication for recruiters. Recipients read 98% of text messages. The response rate is also high. This ensures text messages containing important information would reach the applicant. People who are busy with work would find it convenient to read a message quickly and respond to it.

Using automated text messaging

Recruiters can use automated text messaging for greater convenience. Instead of typing messages to many people, they can use text messaging software that has the facility of sending automated messages. Let’s see how this works.

  1. Once a job requirement is received from a client, it needs to be sent to all candidates for which text messaging is ideal. There would be updates that need to be sent constantly, especially when there are changes in job specifications. Once a list of potential recruits is prepared, automated messages can be sent to them with updates.

  2. The most important use of automated text messaging is to send interview schedule text messages to candidates. Once the schedule is fixed, the message containing the schedule can be automatically sent to all the candidates. Settings in the software will help to do this easily. In case, the client changes the interview date/timings, this can be updated in the software. Automatic messages will be sent to all registered candidates.

  3. Once the interview is scheduled, the recruiter needs to send reminders to candidates to ensure they reach the venue on time. This can be automated with reminders sent as per the frequency you specify.

  4. Once a candidate is selected, information on the joining date and reminders of the same can be sent through automated SMS marketing.

  5. Apart from sending information, recruiters can respond to queries from candidates through automated messaging. Message codes can be given and when a candidate uses the code to respond, the software can search the database and send answers to questions that have already been prepared
    Automated text messages are perfect for recruiting and offer many benefits to recruiters.

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