8 Ways to Attract New Members to Your Gym

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Being a gym owner is a full-time job. Training the members when they come to the gym and not thinking about the place until the next session will not deliver results. You are required to do everything you can to motivate people to stay fit and exercise. You also need to find ways to bring new members to the gym. After all, a business needs existing and new customers to become successful.

You would already know a few ways to attract new members to your gym. Wouldn’t it be great to know more? The fitness industry is becoming highly competitive. If you want your gym to survive the competition and achieve long-term goals, you need to be visible to new customers.

Let’s look at the eight best ways to attract more members to your gym.

● Free Trial/ Passes

A free pass is always an attraction. Of course, you have a business to run, which requires money. Many gyms and fitness centers offer a week or seven days of free passes for interested members. People can come to your gym for free without paying anything. You can impress them with your services and make them sign up for the paid subscription by the end of the week. This is a good way to attract newbies and experienced members.

SMS Marketing is the in-thing in today’s scenario. With a majority of Americans owning a mobile phone and using it multiple times a day, reaching out to prospective members is easy and hassle-free. Moreover, you can SMS marketing software provided by companies like TXT Impact to schedule bulk messages, reply to incoming messages, and personalize the text for each customer. SMS marketing includes informational, promotional, and transactional messages to gym members.

● Mini and Mega Challenges

Not many people can resist a challenge, especially if there’s a reward. While experienced fitness lovers choose tougher challenges, newbies want something they can achieve without pulling their hair out. Plan a series of challenges on multiple levels. Members who complete one level win a gift and move on to the next level. This brings new members to the gym and retains the existing ones. A double benefit for sure, isn’t it?

● Build a Workout Routine

A routine makes it easier for people to get into the grove. It also shows that you are consistent in your services. New members will be attracted to a gym they can attend as many times as possible. One, they get a maximum from their membership fee. Two, they get to speed up their fitness goals. This is an advantage for your business. Having a gym with people exercising and sweating out will inspire more members to join the bandwagon.

● Friendly and Comfortable

The previous method will be more effective if your gym is a good place to be. Take care to keep it clean and hygienic. Use the latest equipment and maintain it properly. You don’t want a new member to ask why half the equipment doesn’t work. At the same time, focus on the ambiance of the gym. Pick a theme if you like, and decorate the interiors to match it. Lightning, ventilation, and atmosphere are important influencers. Your staff has to be friendly, polite, and courteous with the members.

● Additional Services/ Benefits

People don’t want to come to a gym, work out a little, and go home. They expect more services from you. One-to-one personal training, customized diet plan, weekly workout charts, etc., are other services you can offer. The gym center can have a mini coffee shop and a relaxing lounge. A meditation room, aerobics training, and other forms of exercises are a few other additional services you can offer to attract new clients.

● Special VIP Discounts

VIP discounts are offered to existing members to retain them with the gym. You can offer similar discounts for annual or bi-annual subscribers. A gym member who pays a two-year subscription can directly join the VIP team and be eligible for additional benefits. You get to keep the person with your gym for the next two years.

● Testimonials and Promotions

Testimonials by existing gym members will play a vital role in helping your leads decide. Ask members to share their reviews online (your website, social media, blogs, etc.). Record video testimonials as these are considered genuine (you need explicit permission for video testimonials).

Don’t lag in promoting the gym online and offline. Have a complete marketing strategy and a budget for it. Make sure SMS marketing is a part of your strategy.

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