TXTImpact Has Released Their Mobile Application For Google Play and Apple Store

TXTImpact has released there a mobile application for Google Play and the Apple store. With easy-to-use UI and vast functionality, TXTImpact’s Text Messenger is your next mobile marketing companion.

Text Messenger is an extension to your TXTImpact account. It can be used for on-the-go business text messaging and SMS marketing. Wherever you are, you can always have control over your messages and marketing campaigns.

Text Messenger is easy to use business SMS app allowing users to handle all business communication right on their smartphone. The mobile app, which is connected to your existing Wire2Air account, allows you to send mass text messaging and have one-on-one conversations with clients and employees.

Send out mass SMS and MMS messages to different contacts, mobile numbers, and groups.

Also, you can create and edit campaigns right from the mobile app. Incorporate
templates and merge tags in messages to efficiently create and send MMS and SMS messages.


When traveling you can still check all business communication. Why wait till after your trip to read all of those unread messages. Have a personal connection with your clients and leads as you can have one on one conversations with them. Don’t keep it on an email string, just text them its easier on both sides. Plus, don’t keep all of it on your personal number, we can provide a virtual local number or u can use your landline number.

Don’t keep typing, “Thank you for contacting [Company]” just create a template and attach it to all types of messages whether if it's in an existing chat, a new chat or a mass message.

If there is a company-wide emergency, quickly send a mass text message to all of your employees with the announcement within a few seconds. Don’t wait till you reach a computer Instantly snap a picture through the app and send as an MMS to employees and clients.

Click on the following links to download the mobile app


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