Tips Of Sending a Mass Text Message

Do you want to start SMS Marketing? Reach thousands of possible customers within seconds with Mass Texting service. With SMS Marketing push your brand to all of your existing customers as well as find new ones. Send out announcements, discounts, upgrades even targeted promotions towards specific customers. The first step before even thinking about the message is who will provide the service to you. Like TXTImpact, choose a provider with an easy-to-use UI to manage all campaigns, vast personal options, as well as high deliverability rates so that your message gets to everyone.

  1. After choosing a texting provider, start by collecting interested subscribers into your campaign group. Share your shortcode and keyword on social media, website, blogs, or even in emails. For example, on social media, you could post about your new text campaign which offers exclusive deals and promotions. Mention the keyword and phone number to text. It's easy to mention on the radio or even tv ads. With TXTImpact, share a web signup form, a QR code, or use our Flyer Generator to easily share the campaign everywhere.

a) Remember to use an auto-response feature to make sure subscribers know that they have successfully subscribed to the campaign. Also, add the option to let subscribers opt-out of the campaign or rejoin. Most text marketing providers like TXTImpact offer this feature so that you do not have to manually reply to each subscriber as you could gain thousands at a time.

  1. When creating a Mass Text Message, first decide where you want to send the message. Is it exclusive to only a few phone numbers or for a larger group? The body of the message should be brief and to the point. Using emojis and carefully constructing the message to make it eye-popping could make a difference. If the message needs to be more than 160 characters use Bulk MMS messaging, a perfect way to deliver coupons and add images to entice users. TXTImpact also offers URL Click-Through links so that businesses can track whether a user has or has not clicked on the URL Click Through Link. The Link could be to whatever you are promoting in the text or just the company website, and as a business, you would know whether users are actually accessing the link or dismissing them.

  2. When creating the message remember to explain in detail what the subscriber needs to do to actually use the information you have given. If it is a promotion on a different site remember to explain that the user will need to access the given link. If the user needs to receive another text with the real promotion by texting back a specific keyword, make sure to explain the details properly to reduce confusion and errors. The perfect Text Marketing Message should contain the Business name (MomoKitchen), location (SoHo, NY), offer (free dessert), the requirement (a free dessert with purchase of an entree), expiry if any (expires on 1/15/2014), coupon redeems instructions, etc. and Reply STOP to cancel. Msg&data rates may apply.

a) TXTImpact allows users to use merge tags so that each mass text sent out seems more personalized than general. Merge tags take the recipient's field information such as name, number, email, or location and include them as variables when creating the message.

For Example, a message with merge tags could be

“Dear (Lead.FirstName!),
Thank You for Contacting TXTImpact
We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Reply STOP to leave this campaign.
Msg&data rates may apply.”

  1. Remember to analyze responses from your campaigns. Are they working? Are more users interested in your business? Look at the responses users provide and see where users go after receiving the text message. Analyzing the data will allow you to fully optimize your campaigns to gain the most attraction for your business.
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