Tips for Sending SMS Alerts and Text Message Announcements

Organizations across the world, whether they are from the government, business organizations, or non-governmental, use SMS for communication. SMS or Short message service makes use of a message of around 140 characters that can be sent through the mobile phone. It is a popular mode of communication as it can be sent even in areas that have no internet connectivity. Text messages sent through mass text messaging are read by more than 97% of people who receive them. This ensures these messages would be read and communication is successful.

SMS alerts and announcements through group texting can be used by any organization. Government organizations can use SMS to send alerts on important news to citizens. In situations like the Corona pandemic, alerts can be sent to inform citizens of lockdown, hours permitted to businesses, facilities for health checkups, guidelines for health and hygiene, etc. Non-governmental organizations that provide resources like food/medicines to those who need them can use messages to communicate this information to all stakeholders concerned.

SMS has been used by businesses through business text messaging. A business can use a text message to communicate with customers. This can be done to conduct marketing campaigns, provide service to customers, and keep customers engaged. If you are running a business and wish to use SMS effectively, the following tips tell you how to do it effectively:

1. Use SMS to welcome customers

One of the key uses of SMS marketing is to welcome new customers. When someone buys your product, you can use SMS alerts to send them an automated welcome message. This is one of the best ways to engage with customers. While welcoming the customer, you can send information about your products or information on promotional schemes, etc. Welcoming new customers with a special offer by giving them a discount or reward is a good practice. An SMS can contain all this information or can be used to send a link to a webpage where this information is available.

2. Running marketing campaigns

Text marketing can be used to run marketing campaigns through the mobile phone. All that is needed is a database of leads and existing customers. Campaigns can be run to convert leads to customers by giving them attractive offers. Existing customers can be sent messages informing them of new product launches or new promotional schemes. This is the best way of reaching out to customers and encouraging them to make a purchase. The marketing campaign success can be also tracked through the text message. A link to the webpage can be provided. This webpage can be used to track how many people visited through the SMS and how many made the purchase. Management can use this information to analyze the effectiveness of campaigns and enhance future plans.

3. Provide customer service

Your company may not just sell products but also provide service. This is a key aspect involve in business. You can create loyal customers by providing them good service. It is possible to use online text message to send information related to customer service. Whenever customers make a service request, SMS messages can be sent with confirmation of the request with information on the date/time by which the service will be complete. Customers can be encouraged to send service requests or suggestions or complaints through SMS by using a keyword. When they SMS the keyword, the company can provide them the information needs using automated software. Customers can also be called to provide service once the message is received.

4. Sending reminders and alerts

Sending reminders and alerts are an important activity involved in customer engagement. Customers need to be sent alerts and reminders for:

a. Informing them of product delivery dates.

b. Updating them about new product launches and the status of orders.

c. marketing messages can be sent to remind customers of an end date for offers, etc. You can schedule text messages so that the messages are sent automatically once every three days or once a week or any frequency you specify.

d. Messages can be sent to remind customers of service appointments/maintenance visits, etc.

e. Alerts on price change and other such information can be sent through SMS.

5. Customer satisfaction surveys

It is important for you to understand if your customer is happy. This information can help you improve your operations and provide better products/services. You can send a survey text message to customers asking them to select an option and reply. For instance, if they reply ‘Y’ it means they are happy with the services. You can even create an online survey and send the link through SMS.

Following the above tips to send alerts and announcements will help you use SMS effectively to engage with your customers. This can help you boost your business and improve sales.

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