Text Message Campaign: Best Time to Schedule Campaign

Smart marketing begins with an effective database, containing the lists of potential and past customers. We can see the best time to start an SMS campaign from two viewpoints-one, from the company standpoint, and two, from the customer's perspective. Selling is the culmination of the effort of the company to make a customer buy goods from them. For this to be fruitful, the customer must have the conviction that he is investing his money in a beneficial way. Many other things also play a role in this such as availability of funds, time to indulge in dealings, and the presence of a conducive atmosphere for interaction.

Best Time for an

Pick a Good Day

A good day is the third or fourth day of the week. Nobody likes getting strange email messages on a Monday. If they do, they will not buy the product. This is because on Monday, everyone has their plates full. They plan for the week ahead and will have no time to spare for anything other than the company business. This is true for all companies without exception, which is why, disturbing anybody on the first day of the week is a bad idea. Also, on the last day, they will be thinking about the weekend.
At the Launch of a Product

When you first begin making a product, the public doesn't know about it. Nobody buys a product they don't know about. So, it becomes necessary to tell everyone about the good features and benefits of the product.

Sending SMS messages excites the curiosity of the customers. Everyone wants to know whether the product is better than the one they use currently.

You have a hundred details to give about the product and your SMS will tell them precisely what they must know. This helps in dealing with the competition. Begin the campaign with the outstanding feature of the product that makes it superior to the rest of the products available on the market.

Pick the Best Time

It is most likely that a person receiving an SMS (91%) will open and read it at once. The human brain retains 62% of what it reads for ten minutes. After one hour, it remembers only 30% and 5% by the end of the day. The right time to send a message is after the person has settled in work, and is taking a break-this would be the tea-break. When one is in a relaxed mood, one will concentrate on the SMS message so the message will remain in the mind for a long time. When your sales team visits the office, check when the office staff has its tea break.

A Few Days After Salary Day

People wait eagerly for their salary. They have many things lined up that they want to do. They spend two to three days figuring out how to spend the money.

If you send your SMS message on the first two days, the person will reject it straight away because he has many important things in his *to buy" list. After the third day, he starts weighing the pros and cons of each item on the list.

If you send your SMS message now, it has the best chance of getting approved. Also, don't leave it until the fifth or sixth day because the person would have spent the money by then.
A Few Days Before a Festival

During festival time, everyone is in a happy mood. In their mind, they’re celebrating and sharing good things with their neighbors and friends. Just before the festival, the person will be thinking about how to prepare for the festival. So, it is not a good time to send your SMS message.

The ideal time is two to three days before the festival. The person will think about the message during the festivities.
When you follow up after the festival is over, you will most likely get an affirmative response.

During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is when the family goes on a trip after school closes. The decision-maker has nothing on his mind having planned everything for the vacation in advance. Send your SMS message after the season begins and it will succeed.

Follow Up Action

Once you have decided the time, starting the campaign becomes easy. Make sure you use the following strategies for effectiveness:

Use Multiple Chat Channels

Pick an SMS Service Provider that offers many features, including multiple-channel chat which is very important. Whether the customer uses an Android phone or an Apple iPhone, the SMS Service must allow you to keep chatting. It is important to keep in touch with the potential customer because that is the way to make a sale.

Send Bulk SMS

When your customer list is extensive, you must send SMSes to everyone. For this, if the SMS Service has a Bulk SMS Service, it will help.

Before you begin the campaign, get permission from the potential customer over the phone or through email. Do not send unsolicited messages at any cost as this will cause a bad image for the company.

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