8 SMS Marketing Strategies for Solar Companies

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Throughout the United States, the solar industry is growing at a rapid pace. With people becoming eco-conscious, the demand for renewable energy resources has increased considerably. Over the past decade, the solar industry saw about 33% of growth in the US alone. In fact, there has been a private investment of $33 billion in 2021.

While this is good news for the environment and the government, it pushes the solar companies to perform better and retain their market share. The increase in competition directly implies a need for better marketing strategies. Moreover, solar companies also need to educate the remaining citizens about the advantages of using renewable energy to power their homes and businesses.
While the marketing strategy of a company includes a range of techniques and processes, our focus for today will be on SMS Marketing.

SMS marketing has gained prominence during the last few years. Statistics show that more than 55% of mobile phone users rely on the native texting app offered by the devices they own. Another survey shows that 91% of the users like to sign up to receive text messages from businesses. Many prefer texting to emails or phone calls. Moreover, an average American checks their phone 47 times a day.

It’s no wonder that SMS marketing is one of the go-to strategies for many businesses, including the ones in the solar industry.

Let’s now look at the top eight SMS marketing strategies that can help solar companies attract more customers to their business.

· Lead Generation

SMS marketing is a fantastic way to generate leads for the business. Lead generation is the key to success for any business, and solar companies are no exception. While emails are known to generate leads, SMS marketing increases the chances of converting the leads to customers. People who subscribe to receive SMS messages from a solar company are more likely to take the plunge and invest in renewable energy.

· Follow-Ups

Even in SMS marketing, the target audiences are segregated into different groups. It’s the marketer’s responsibility to move the leads from one group/ stage to another and ensure that the process is complete. From creating awareness to selling the product, the customer’s journey with the business depends on how well you follow up and make your move when the time is right. Send follow-up messages to leads without forcing them to make a decision.

· Reminder

All kinds of reminders can be sent through SMS messages. Whether it is about the upcoming installation, any discount plan you are running, or renewals. It’s an easy way to refresh the customers’ memory without appearing pushy. However, make sure to phrase the message politely so that the customer doesn’t get annoyed by the tone or misunderstand the intent.

· Referrals

Solar companies are similar to other businesses in many ways. Offering referral discounts will encourage existing customers to bring their friends to your business and enlighten them about the merits of using solar power. Use SMS messages to send referral codes and simply a message that the customer can forward to their friends and earn something in return. Referrals and loyalty programs will always be a hit with the public.

· Two-Way Communication

SMS marketing will be much more effective when you use it as a two-way communication channel. Set up the system to accept messages and reply to the same number from which you send the messages. Business text messaging service providers like TXTImpact offer a range of services to set up bulk messaging from existing phone numbers and landlines. Allowing two-way communication will encourage more leads to convert into customers.

· Personalization

In today’s age, personalization is the key to successful marketing. Solar companies can send personalized SMS messages to the target audiences as per the segmentation. Moreover, business texting software allows you to send bulk messages to customers while using their names and details. The software is integrated with the customer database to streamline the process.

· Get the Timing Right

Timing is vital to making your SMS marketing campaign a success. Use behavioral analytics and market trends to determine the right time to send the right message to the target audience. The content of the message is just as important and should convey the exact message you want to share with them.

· Automate Customer Service

Automation saves time, money, and effort. Instead of manually sending and responding to messages, invest in worthy software to automate the process. Scheduling messages, bulk messaging, automated replies, reminders, etc., will enhance your customer service efforts and create a good impression on your target audience.


TXTImpact is a leading US-based business texting and SMS marketing service provider. We work with businesses across various industries, including solar, nonprofit, and government. Our services are affordable and designed to help you achieve your business goals.

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