SMS Marketing New Tools to Sell Properties Faster

The Real Estate sector deals with properties, both residential and properties. A real estate broker or agent has a listing of properties available for sale. The real estate broker/agent would market his services to ensure that the properties are sold. The ultimate aim of realtors is to make as many sales as possible. Realtors implement different types of marketing strategies to increase sales. One of the most cost-effective tools today is SMS Marketing.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing or Text marketing refers to the use of texting or sending text messages/SMS (Short message services) for marketing purposes. Text messaging has been in vogue since the introduction of mobile phone services. The biggest advantage of text messaging is that it does not require internet connectivity. An SMS can be sent instantly and can be used to communicate even with those who do not have a smartphone.

Studies have shown that more than 97% of all text messages are read by the recipient. The response rate to text message marketing is higher than e-mail marketing. The reason why customers prefer text marketing is that it is non-intrusive. They can check messages even at work and reply at their convenience. This is the reason SMS marketing is being used widely as a marketing strategy. Real estate organizations can also use SMS marketing to sell properties

Text Marketing for Real estate sales

Real estate sales require constant engagement with customers. Once a prospective buyer/seller has been identified, the realtor needs to follow-up until the sale is closed. This requires continuous communication with the customer. This is where text messaging would prove to be very useful. All the realtor needs is a list of customers and phone numbers, and text messaging software to send messages easily.

The following are some of the SMS marketing strategies that realtors can use to sell properties faster:

  1. Once you identify prospective buyers, you can send an introductory message to the buyer, introducing your services. You can include an option for the recipient to stop receiving your messages. This will ensure that you are assuring the customer that you will not spam them and you are complying with the law at the same time.

  2. Buyers can indicate their requirements by replying to your message and by using keywords. The keyword can be used by your software to send them details of the property they are looking for.

  3. You can continuously engage with your customers by sending them messages about the property they are interested in. You can send them details of the property by text message. You can also include a link to your website, where they can see more details, including pictures and videos. Sending a link will help you track customers from visiting your website.

  4. You can even use an MMS message to send photos of properties and video walkthroughs.

  5. Whenever you schedule an open house, you can send a message to all prospective buyers inviting them to visit the property. You can schedule messages to be sent automatically whenever an open house is planned. This will ensure more attendance to the open house, increasing the possibility of a sale.

  6. You can update customers with any changes in the property details (like price changes). You can even send details of offers and discounts to make a quick sale.

  7. You can use SMS marketing to reach out to sellers who are interested to sell their property. You can send them a message introducing your services and providing a link to your website for more details.

  8. Once a seller is interested in using your services, you can then engage with the seller. You can fix an appointment reminder to meet the seller and check out the property. After checking out the property, you can include it in your listing, and inform the seller. All this can be done automatically through SMS.

  9. Once you know a customer’s requirements, you can send messages updating them of new properties that meet their requirements. This will ensure that you are in constant touch with the customer without making too many phone calls that are considered intrusive.

  10. SMS marketing can be very easily used to send bulk messages to all your customers. This will be helpful when you offer a new property or are offering a discount. You can also send customized messages to specific customers. This is what makes SMS marketing a powerful and effective tool.

SMS Marketing is a powerful and cost-effective tool that a realtor can use to engage with customers. It can be used through the sales process from lead identification until the closure of the sale. If you are a realtor, then all you need is a good quality text messaging software that you can use to reach out to customers.

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