SMS Marketing In the Travel Industry

Are you an owner of a travel company looking to increase your customer base or satisfaction? Try SMS Marketing. Centralize your customer communication with TXTImpact’s easy-to-use platform. TXTImpact can provide virtual numbers where you can control all of your business communication, away from your personal number or other hotline numbers you may have.

Uses for SMS Marketing:

Alert Customers for upcoming travel plans

Let customers know that they can sign up to receive updates on their travel plans and even reminders to help them prepare for their trip.

Alert customers for delays or cancellation of flights, busses, trains etc.

Send out a bulk message to a group or contact list letting them know that there is some delay or issue with their trip due to some external force like weather or technical difficulties

Pushout discounts and open seats for interested customers

Send out updates on lower priced seats in upcoming flights or periods of lower priced seating options.

Send out helpful information

Send out information regarding the destination such as time of arrival, weather, and helpful external URL’s.

TXTImpact Features to help support your SMS Communication

  • Bulk Messaging

TXTImpact Bulk Messaging lets you send out thousands of messages in an instant. Include pictures, templates or URL-Click Through Links. On their trip day, they won’t be checking their email. There is a higher chance customers will be looking out for text messages.

  • Campaigns

Set up different campaigns based on subject or group of users. Keep campaigns for alerts only. Keep some based on location so that your messages are read by only interested customers.

  • Web-sign up form

Provide access to text campaigns through Web-sign up forms. Link them from your website or social media and have people sign up online. Create a banner on your website to make the text campaign eye popping.

  • Reminders

Create reminders so that customers are reminded ahead of time for their departure. Help out your customers by letting them know when they should arrive to the terminal, and any other important flight details.

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