SMS Marketing In Hiring Agencies

SMS Marketing In Hiring Agencies

Are you looking to increase efficiency in your hiring processes? Try SMS Marketing. Make hiring easier by implementing sms based communication with clients and other businesses. Send thousands of texts at a time and automate the process. TXTImpact can provide virtual numbers where you can control all of your business communication, away from your personal number or other hotline numbers you may have.

How can you use SMS Marketing?

  • Create Separate Groups: Create 1 list of contacts for people seeking jobs and another one for businesses seeking employees. You can even segment your contacts based on industry. Have separate campaigns to handle different groups of incoming messages. With TXTImpact organize your campaigns and groups based on your preferences.
  • Create Templates: With many messages being repetitive types asking for similar answers, create templates to increase efficiency. Use merge tags to make messages seem more personal by using client information.


TXTImpact Features that can support your business:

    • Bulk Messaging - Send out thousands of SMS or MMS Messages in a flash with TXTImpact Bulk Messaging.
    • Auto-Responses - Automate replies with TXTImpact Auto-Responses. Don’t worry about responding to each individual reply. Our campaigns automate the replies and store the data for you.
    • Appointment/Reminder - Schedule appointments and create reminders to keep clients and businesses on schedule. Easily create interview times and export information to keep your business on time and organized.
    • MultiTrivia - Try conducting interviews through texting. Create a MultiTrivia campaign. This type of campaign allows you to ask multiple questions at a time. After a user inputs the keyword the questionnaire will start. Everything will be automated and data will be stored for you. Text Interview is easier on both sides as it isn’t a huge hassle to respond to a few texts, and it protects the client’s privacy from his/her current employer.


TXTImpact also has a Mobile App, Text Messenger, for iOS and Android. Handle your SMS business on the go. Text Messenger is an extension to your TXTImpact account. It can be used for on the go business text messaging and sms marketing. Wherever you are, you can always have control over your messages and marketing campaigns.

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