How to Run Text Message Marketing Campaign Successful in 2022

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A research study showed that more than 85% of Americans now own a smartphone. People carry their phones with them everywhere. They are always connected and use their phones for every little piece of information.

This is the best time to take your business closer to your customers and establish a two-way communication channel between your business and customers. SMS or text marketing is the most popular marketing strategy in the current scenario. It is cost-effective, easy to manage, and highly effective in increasing ROI.

But how does it work? What should you do to ensure the success of your text message marketing campaigns? Let’s read and find out.

How Does Text Message Marketing Campaign Work?

Text message marketing is the process of sending information, transactional, and promotional text messages to customers, leads, and target audiences. However, the most vital aspect of business text messaging is consent. A business cannot send a text message to a person without their consent. This could be implicit (filling a form, sharing the phone number online/ offline) or explicit (opt-in).

Once you have a decent contact list with the name, address (location), phone number, etc., of the target audience, you can start sending them text messages about the business. You also need to use business texting software to automate and streamline the process. Use analytics to measure the success of your campaigns and make the necessary changes to get better results.

Ways to Run Successful Text Message Marketing Campaigns in 2022

● Build a Contact List

The first step to creating a successful text message marketing campaign is to build a contact list. Who are your target audiences? Where are they located? What’s their age group? Occupation, earnings, lifestyle, etc., are important when determining the target group. Now, start collecting their contact details and get permission to send them text messages. User permission is a must according to the laws.

● Choose the Right Type of SMS Message

What kind of text message do you want to use for the campaign? Do you want to send transactional messages and use them for promotions? Do you want to send promotional messages separately? Will you send both conversational messages to build customer relationships? The responses to these questions depend on the nature of your business and the duration of the marketing campaign.

● Customer Segmentation

Did you segment your target market yet? This will help further classify your audiences and plan effective campaigns. For example, you can have customers segments based on age and use different texting strategies for both. Gen Z likes a more casual and informal approach, while the older generation is likely to prefer a more formal tone. You can appeal to both segments by having messages for each of them.

● Message Personalization

Personalization is a must if you want your text message marketing campaign to be successful. Simply using the customer’s name or area won’t be enough for long. People want targeted messages. You need to understand their preferences and buying behavior. Then plan the marketing strategy by creating personalized messages for customers based on their tastes. This will increase the response rate and returns.

● Crisp, Concise, and Clear

Text messages have a character limit. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Turn it into an advantage by presenting a clear picture of the campaign in limited words. People have shorter attention spans than before. They prefer messages that get straight to the point and give them the necessary information.

● Timing and Frequency

These are crucial aspects for the success of a marketing campaign. Knowing when to send the text message can affect the response rate. For example, marketing a winter product in summer doesn’t make sense unless you want to offer great discounts. Maybe not even then. Promoting summer products in spring will be beneficial as people get ready for the summer holidays.

The frequency of your message is also important. How often do you want to remind the user about the sale/discount? Repeated reminders will annoy the user, and a single reminder might spill off their mind.

● Choose the Right Software Provider

Use business texting software to automate the marketing campaign. Schedule bulk messages, collect data for analytics and manage everything from a single interface. TXT Impact is a leading service provider for business texting marketing software in the US market. We work with businesses from all industries, ranging from real estate to retail, nonprofit, education, and more. Our services are affordable and tailor-made to suit varying business requirements.

Final Words

Planning a successful text message marketing campaign requires time and effort. Start early and don’t rush into a campaign without complete information about your target audience. Constantly track the progress and make changes to align the campaign with your business goals.

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