SMS Marketing: Customer Retention for Small Businesses

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Whenever you send out a text message to someone, they have nothing else to do but to read it – the same applies to small business marketing.

SMS marketing accounts for one of the best techniques for retaining users when advertising or communicating with them.

In fact, small business owners record an average of about 98% open rate on all the small business
sms marketing campaigns.

Thus, the four (4) best ways to retain your customers' attention on all your SMS marketing campaigns include:

  1. The perfect sales copy
  2. Engage customers in a conversation
  3. Don't bug customers so much with excessive promotional offers
  4. Offer free customer service and support

These are further broken down thus:

#1: The Perfect Sales Copy

The perfect sales copy must contain the following:

• True benefits
• Emotion
• Curiosity gap
• Argumentative questions
• Call to action

The key to any successful SMS marketing campaign is a really good sales copy.

You have to start your copy by first explaining the true benefits of the product you are trying to sell to your customers. You can do this by being very emotional while still showing real-life cases of people that actually used the product and their thoughts on it.

This helps to fill that curiosity gap in any customer.

You can ask argumentative questions like – "would you rather do XYZ than… (list what you want the customer to do), or "if you were given the opportunity to decide on XYZ, what makes you think you are not cut out for…(list out the product/service you are trying to sell)".

And finally, a very good sales copy ends with a call to action (CTA). This can come in as a button or text link that compels your readers to actually take action on the main purpose of the SMS marketing campaign.

#2: Engage Customers in a Conversation

This is a very reliable strategy used by businesses to help understand the basic needs of their customers.

The belief is that when you engage someone so much in a conversation, they will become freer with you to reveal some of their innermost secrets or emotions.

You have to understand that great relationships breed higher sales!

In fact, statistics show that customers with good relationships with a business account for up to 50% larger purchases in that business.

Personalizing your SMS marketing campaigns is one really good way to build trust when communicating with customers.

#3: Don't Bug Customers All the Time with Promotional Offers

Marketing is actually more about communicating solutions to customers than spamming.

Don't be so predictable with all your SMS marketing campaigns.

Rather than sending out promotional offers all the time to all your customers, don't you think your customers would appreciate you more if you could share some helpful tips and advice as it relates to using your company's products and services?

SMS marketing provides a really good way for small businesses to deliver the utmost value to all their customers in small, bite-sized text messages.

#4: Offer Free Customer Service and Support

When customers get to know that they can always rely on you or your business to provide quick solutions to all their pending issues, they'll always be willing to purchase from you at all times.

But still, a lot of factors go into every great and successful customer service for any business; some of these include:

• Speed
• Confidence
• Conflict resolution
• User experience

User experience is one major factor that most small businesses actually miss out on when organizing their customer service for user retention, and in fact, this is a major factor that determines the success of any customer service operation in any company.

Are your customers scared to contact you whenever they are in need of an urgent solution? How friendly are your customer reps when communicating with customers?

All these are what you should consider when choosing the right customer care representative for dealing with client-based issues and more in all your SMS marketing campaigns.

Customer Retention and Sales

We all want to drive sales with every of our single SMS marketing campaigns, but still, all these can only be done by leveraging the following SMS marketing formats:

  1. Coupons
  2. Dynamic messaging

Offering customers coupons or discounts on specific products and services is actually a really good way to retain their attention when dealing with them.

This is a strategy that has been around since the dawn of time, and while this is so, incorporating coupons and product discounts in your SMS marketing campaigns can, in most cases, increase engagement levels by up to 300%.

Dynamic messages provide a really easy way for you to communicate visually with your customers in every SMS campaign by integrating MMS and rich media content into your text messages.

This can be a really effective way of communicating useful and well-detailed information to all your customers.

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