Restaurant Text Message Marketing Ideas 2020

Restaurant Text Message Marketing Ideas 2020

Text messages are a great approach to increase your restaurant’s brand loyalty. You can lure more customers to your place with offers, special deals, and more delivered directly on their phone. But remember,crossing the limit can lead to annoyed customers causing them to discard your brand totally.Thus, marketing via text messages can be helpful in enhancing your business revenue when done correctly.And, here are some ideas for business text messaging to make your restaurant running in 2020.

1. Send a Message Offering a Chance to Earn a Special Dinner

If you want your subscribers to get somethingmore valuable beyond a free meal, you can craft innovative offers. With text messages, you can encourage your customers to participate in a contest to earn a specialcouple dinner. A specialty can be their specific menu choice and personally prepared by the executive chef. This can then be shared on social platforms, including the winner’s pictures and menu choice, which will ultimately increase your engagement as well as sales.

2. Offer Free SurpriseStarter

You can send a text message to your customers that includes a free surprise starter for them. You can vary the appetizer regularly or once a week but ensure that it is not on your current menu.

3. Delivering Promotions

You can deliver promotions regularly, which is a very effective strategy for many restaurants. It works when you offer new dishes on special events to your customers and don’t neglect the holidays. It is an awesome opportunity for cultural/themed restaurants because diners can celebrate some occasions at such places. You can also offer coupons for your customers that are available only via mass texting . However, keeping a minimum amount of purchase can prevent you from maintaining a minimum profit margin.

4. Collect Customer Preferences

You have to make sure that the messages you send to your customers are not all the same. Text them according to customer preferences. You can use text polls to understand the favorites of your customers want and group them according to their preferences. After you know the kind of dishes your customers prefer, offer them deals/offers as per their personalization. For example, for your customers who love ice cream, you can text them about their favorite flavor.

5. To Book a Table

In the food industry, success is measured by constant traffic flow, especially on weekends. You can create your attendance and menu as per the table bookings and secure your business simultaneously. For this, sending a text message to your customers including an offer of an SMS discount on the bill or a specific item when they confirm their booking can be helpful.

6. Text for Voting

You can collect feedback from customers via voting. It is essential for any marketing campaign’s success. Ask your customers to cast votes on the basis of their favorite drink and dish. You can also ask their opinions on the service quality and dishes being served.

In short, applying the above-given ideas in your campaigns of business text marketing can help you attract more diners to your restaurant. You can also add more innovative ways to communicate and interact with employees.

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