How Corporate Companies Use Text Message Marketing for Recruitment

To create a useful marketing campaign SMS service is highly preferred by top corporate companies. The SMS service is also useful in the recruitment processes of the companies. It boosts recruitment efforts by offering employment options to the job-seekers directly. business text messaging is a powerful tool for recruitment and if any of the recruiters are not using it then they are failing in the business. TXTImpact allows a one-to-one business approach which is very influential.

Why recruiters prefer SMS services?

SMS messaging service offers opportunities to the corporate head hunters to get in touch with the potential candidates directly using the text messages. About 98% of the messages reach to the candidates successfully and it helps the corporate executives to follow up on the process till it closes on a positive note.

It is very surprising to see that the SMS marketing services deliver higher engagement rates and the responses from the candidates which end-up in follow-ups and enrollment. When compared with phone calls, emails, and the use of social media which are too costly and time-consuming then SMS messaging service which is smart, affordable, and effective. The top corporate recruiters prefer SMS because it is difficult to meet the required candidates directly while facing a manpower shortage. But the SMS messaging software is a user-friendly application that helps business managers to easily track the potential candidates for the job requirements. It doesn’t take a longer time, once the software is installed and also offers additional options that make their work as easy as a game.

How effective is SMS for recruitment?

SMS messaging software is built by taking into consideration job-related queries and recruitment related options. SMS messages practically get the attention of job seekers and applicants. The options to automate the messages not only save time but help you to inform about new work opportunities and application processes relating to the industry.

Getting in touch with candidates with two-way group texting options is very fruitful for both the recruiter and the candidate. The entire employment process is easy to handle, once the personal details of the candidate are uploaded.

Goals & Objectives of Recruitment plans

For the recruiter, it is important to determine the goals that help in planning the SMS messaging and to know the objectives of job recruitment work. Sometimes, it takes time to learn research and develop better plans that make you successful, which mainly depends on the latest market trends and the changing face of the industry. Top corporate companies should always track the SMS campaign and find out how it has helped in your work process and the rate of success.

Find the target Audience

Once you are ready with the SMS campaign, keep in mind about the ideal employees and how will they respond to your mass text messaging, which is about a new work opportunity. In case, if you don’t get a response then probably the employee doesn't make use of cell phone or SMS services. The SMS service might not work with such candidates. But according to the market survey, 75% of young and adults make use of cell-phones and prefer SMS messaging.

Effective Usage of Keyword & Short Code

The use of keywords and shortcode help in effective and quick interactions with the subscribers. The shortcodes are easy to understand and should be used on web portals, social media pages, emails, newsletters, and on applications to be filled.

Give Personal Touch to SMS

The subscribers always feel special after getting an SMS with their names or greetings about their birthday. The SMS software is useful in uploading and saving the personal information of the subscribers and it should be updated from time to time.

TXTImpact offers online text message services which operate round the clock and can be available in many countries including the US, UK, Canada, and Brazil.

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