How To Turn Mass Texting Into Success

Businesses are embracing technology in their operation,and an excellent example is mass texting. It has come to change how businesses market their products and services for the better. Mass texting is also something that has simplified outreach. Why not when it allows you to send text messaging to a huge amount of people instantly and simultaneously? To do follow-ups and make announcements have also become easier than before. Business people can also easily communicate about discount offers, notify and remind their customers of anything necessary with ease. That said and done, some businesses are still struggling with it. They don’t know how to use it to their advantage.

Fortunately, this article discusses how to turn mass texting into success. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Know your Customer

It is important to remember that it is not all about sending a message but sending one relevant to your customers. Therefore, there is a need to know them lest your text messages remain unopened. Use data of what customers have bought before because there are high chances it’s what interests them.

Know their demographics, too, so that what you send will make sense. Once you know your customers, targeted promotions become useful. Unless they are general promotions, segment your customers and only send what matters to them their way when mass texting.

2. Organize a Marketing Team

Just like any other marketing campaign, having people with the necessary skills would make all the difference. So keep into consideration the various marketing aspects and hire the respective professionals. Excellent people to involve include ROI analysts, discount budget experts, creative digital designers, retail experts, and marketing experts, just but to mention a few.

Ensure that they work as a team for the mass texting to be successful. Only a marketing team with the right skills and perfect collaboration can develop strategies that can become successful.

3. Call-to-Action Button

What’s next once the recipient receives your message? That depends on how engaging your text is. Therefore, it is your role to make it interactive, and that becomes easy with call-to-action buttons.

Most people have a tendency to pay attention to things like winning, which is why text to winis likely to make many people participate. As they reply to such an enticing message, the engagement increases, and so does the traffic. Once traffic increases, there are high chances that the sales will also follow suit.

Others buttons that may work include click here and buy now. You can also use the buttons to gather information regarding what your customers think about your brand. Your responses can help your company improve, yet another way of turning mass texting into success.

4. Opt-in Options

It eliminates the possibility of sending your messages to uninterested parties. That’s because there is a great possibility of them not bothering to open the message. However, to reach a huge audience, use as many opt-in options as possible.

Your options include social media, website, newsletter, point-of-sale, snail-mail, and SMS. Use them to ask customers to opt-in to promotional messages. At the end of the day, you will have a long list of people receiving your messages voluntarily. That increases engagement,and that’s an indicator of a successful mass texting campaign.

5. Timing

Right timing is also one way of turning mass texting into success. Don’t send a reminder about an event too early because people might forget. On the other hand, people also hardly appreciate receiving messages early in the morning or late at night.

Preferably, get out of your way to know which time is appropriate for each individual. You can use their interaction with messages sent before to identify the best time for each recipient.

6. Clarity

How would you expect people to engage with a message if they can’t understand it in the first place? That’s why you have to send a clear message. Use plain English and avoid emoticons and abbreviations. Don’t use all caps and also make it to the point.

Don’t leave any important information missing. For example, as you announce an event, don’t forget the date. Preferably, enter the end date of a sale or the coupon’s expiry date instead of the start date.

7. Pay more attention to the Loyal Customers

Some people focus on creating new customers and overlook the existing ones. Don’t make that mistake with mass texting. As a matter of fact, give more resources, including time and effort, to them. They already know your products hence high chances of engagement. Equally important, they deserve rewards such as coupons and discounts for being loyal.


Don’t just do mass texting without a strategy. Instead, use the above tips so that it can be successful. It is already a marketing campaign that has proven to be a success. Therefore give it the justice it deserves, and it will not disappoint. Otherwise, all you will ever do is send bulk messages while getting little or no value from them. You and your business deserve better, no doubt.

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