How To Increase Your Lead Generation Using Text Marketing

Text marketing is one of the best ways to increase lead generation and it is also budget-friendly. There are numerous amazing statistics supporting how great SMS marketing is especially in comparison to other marketing medium. Both just like any strategy; it has a process. When any of the principles of the process is violated, it is impossible to get what you are expecting from the tactic.

So, do you know how to really increase your lead generation using text marketing? That will be the reason you are reading this hun?! You are about to be let in on the secret most marketers will die for.

Why Should You Even Consider Text Marketing for Your Lead Generation?

The history of text messaging dates back to 1992 when Neil Papworth who was a developer at Sema Group Telecoms sent a “Merry Christmas” message to Richard Jarvis at Vodafone.

Today, we send more than Merry Christmas through the medium. We can even summarize our whole day in text messages. This is why text messaging has become part of our everyday lives. We use our phones for texting than we do for any other activities.

A survey report reveals that 9 in 10 customers prefer text messages to call. Also, 44 percent of customers also said they will prefer to receive promotions via text than any other medium. Text messages with links have an average of 17 percent click-through-rate.

You can easily track your engagement with text marketing. There are providers who offer tools for doing this. Also, it is interactive since prospects can easily contact you through the reply link or option on their phones. Another reason you should consider text marketing is that it gets to your potential customers quickly. This allows for quick reach and evaluation of your marketing.

These are some of the stats that show how effective text messaging is because people respond to it better than any other way of reaching them.

Increasing Your Lead Generation Through Text Marketing

At the beginning of this article, you were promised to be let in on some secrets. Now it is all yours.

Get Your SMS To People by Every Medium Possible

Make it super easy for people to text you. Include text messaging in your customer support contact. Instead of making customers fill out a boring form, give them the option of texting you directly. You can do this with a simple call-to-action button like “text us now”. Do not forget to also leave your text contact on your website page.

If you have a Google My Business account, for instance, include your text contact so that people can easily find a way of contacting you.

Be Specific in Your Demand

When you send out your text marketing, do not use it to persuade customers to take different actions at a time. This may get them confused and indecisive. Use the principle of “less is more”. If you want them to purchase a product, focus on that and not make them fill out your survey and also try to visit your website all at the same time.

If you need customers to take different actions, schedule the text marketing, make them receive the different texts based on urgency and importance.

Understand the Lead Funnel

Lead generation is like a funnel. The base is wide and it is narrow downward. When you send out lots of text to customers, it is very possible to have many of them showing interest by reacting to your call-to-action.

This is not where the lead generation stops. Just as the funnel becomes narrower downward so is the number of leads as you try to get them to take your final action. Such action is usually to buy your products.

Since about 99 percent of texts are eventually read by people and at least, 45 percent of them get a response. Text marketing gives you leverage to convert your leads to customers.

Follow Up

Some of your leads will require additional push before they decide to do business with you. When a lead did not take your intended action right away, add them to a follow-up list. All leads on this list should be sent a reminder text and should be done as quickly as possible. Remember, you are not the only one competing for these people’s attention.

You even have to be faster when they message you to inquire or request any other information. Make your reply super-fast and geared towards strengthening your relationship with the lead. Text marketing allows a conversation and that is why it is a great option for generating leads.

It is great you are considering to start using text marketing to generate leads for your business. It is better you are quick on your decision of starting.

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