How to Create & Manage Mobile Coupon App for Your Business?

As all the companies and businesses today are going digital, they are also coming up with new and interesting ways for mobile marketing. One such method is to create a mobile coupon app for your business. It is quite easy to create digital coupons and let the customers redeem offers and deals digitally without having to carry their physical coupons everywhere. Often customers forget to get their physical coupons and have to bear losses. The physical coupons can easily get lost or misplaced too. Moreover, sometimes, a customer might be traveling and would like to use a coupon, but his physical coupon might be at home. Owing to all these issues with physical coupons, the importance of digital coupons has generated rave reviews. Everyone carries their phone everyone and to have exciting offers and deals on your phone is the smartest thing to do.

To give your customers the benefit of a Coupon, you need to create a Coupon App. It can be done in the below-mentioned easy steps:

• Choose a Template

There are various types of templates available for salon businesses, restaurants, or retailer stores. Select the one that is suitable for you and best fits your business type.

• Add a Brand name to your App

Next, you need to add your website or Facebook page URL into the app builder wizard to automatically pull your color scheme.

• Start Creating Coupons

Next, you can make your own mobile coupons in such creator apps. You need to select the coupon tab and then drag it into the app and fill in the information.

• Publish to Stores

The last step after you have finished creating the mobile coupon app is to easily publish it to iOS and Android stores.

Here is How you can manage your Mobile Coupon Apps and make them more Exciting:

• Unlimited Offers

Give new offers, schedule future deals, and also set expiry dates for your coupons. You can manage and make changes in your coupons as often as you wish. You can create as many coupons as you want.

• Incentivize Downloads

You can also offer app exclusive special offers and deals. This will motivate your customers to download your app. You will be therefore able to reach a wider audience via their smartphones 24/7 with the help of push notifications.

• Safe and Secure

With the help of mobile coupon apps, you can eliminate the risk of forgery with the help of a safe, simple, and secure passcode method. This means that only those who have the individual coupon codes can redeem them in-store. Earlier, many hackers used to hack mobile coupons and avail multiple offers and benefits. But with the help of these safe and secure apps, such problems are solved.

• Easy Drag and Drop

With this feature, you can create your app easily without having to write a single line of coding. Earlier apps could be built only by technicians who knew the language of coding. But now, pre-formatted apps are available, in which you only have to fill in your information. Such apps are mostly simple, intuitive, and have a drag and drop feature that enables you to make the app in minutes.

• iOS and Android

If you want to target 99% of the smartphone market, then you should put your app on both Android and iOS simultaneously.

• Marketing Tools

Once your app is live on both iOS and Android stores, you can choose from the wide range of marketing tools to let your customers enjoy the benefits of your offers and deals.

Follow the above-mentioned steps to create and manage your mobile coupon app for your business.

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