How to Create a Link That Sends an SMS Text Message

With the use of HTML, one can create a hyperlink that sends an SMS message. It is also possible to prepopulate the content of the message using the link. Pre-population allows you to insert information that you already hold about your respondents into your survey. This information can be shown to or hidden from respondents when they complete the survey.

Explained below is how you can create a link that sends an SMS text message:

Sending SMS Texts from a Link

Everyone today is accustomed to using links because they are widely found on the internet everywhere. In HTML, links can be made by adding the tag. By further adding ‘ahref’, one can specify where the link should link to. Using these features, many developers launch an email by typing, “href=”mailto:[email protected]” . Similarly, a phone call can also be started by typing,  “href=”tel:+1954123555.” But it is not common knowledge that one can also launch the SMS app on your website visitor’s phones using an HTML link. This enables one to start conversations efficiently with the customer. You can also add a ‘click to text’ link to more than just text.

Click to Text can be added to the following places and one can include an HTML link:

Your site’s drop-down menu or main navigation
Your contact page
Call to Action text
Email signatures

It is quite easy to create an HTML link that can send a text message. Such a link can be prepared within a few minutes. It is also possible to prepopulate the content of the message using the HTML link:

Write the link text first

Write the text that you want your visitors to read and click on. Write simple text and ensure that you make it clear what will happen, once the link is clicked. For example, “Click here to send us a text.”

Write the default SMS message

Next, when visitors click on the link, their SMS app will be launched with a pre-written message. You need to ascertain who your users are and what they are looking for. You also need to ascertain why they are communicating with you. Next, go ahead and write the default message. For example, a restaurant may want to create a link with a default message, “Hi there, I’d like to place or order for…” You will need to place your message through a URL encoder.

Create your own Hyperlink

Once your link text and SMS body content is written, you need to put them together. The process of ‘Click to Text is exactly similar to adding an HTML link to your website. You need to set up your href attribute in the following way:

Click here business text messaging

Hiding Your Link on Mobile and Other Challenges

With the advent of new technologies, there are still some issues that operating systems and devices have a problem with. Some desktops and laptops can send SMS messages easily and these links easily work on mobile devices. You can easily hide your ‘Click to Text’ on the desktop. There are some versions of iOS that are incompatible with pre-written messages. You can use an analytics tool to indicate what operating system most of the users use and then make adjustments accordingly.

Should You Add Texting to Your Website?

It is often better to add texting to your website. The internet is slowly realizing that consumers mostly prefer communicating with brands using text messages. But you can still update your website using a text-enabled number.

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