How Texting Can Help Property Management Firms To boost Their Business?

Property management firms work in the real estate sector. Their work involves managing the real estate assets belonging to others. Those who own multiple properties and want them to be managed professionally can use the service of property management firms. These firms would take care of the property, handle any issues that crop up, collect rent from tenants, and handle all other work associated with the property. For property management firms, customer communication is a key activity. Effective communication with customers and engaging with them helps to boost their business.

Use of text messages for customer communication

One of the best ways of ensuring effective customer communication is to use text messaging . Short messages sent over the mobile phone are more effective than other forms of communication. A text message is non-intrusive, unlike phone calls that disturb the recipient at work. Text messages have a higher response rate than emails. 97% of all text messages would be ready by the recipient. Texting has a 46% response rate. All these facts show how effective texting for property management can be.

Studies have shown that customers are ready to receive text messages from marketers. They find it convenient to receive promotional messages, which can read at their convenience. They can also reply to such messages and carry out conversations using SMS. This is more convenient than receive phone calls from marketers. For a marketer, sending a text message to many customers is an easy, quick, convenient, and cost-effective marketing technique. It can be used for not just communication but also to engage with customers.

How property management firms can use texting?

Property management firms can use texting to interact with customers, which forms a major part of their work. A property management firm needs to contact property owners and offer their services to them. They also need to interact with existing clients and customers staying at rental properties. All this interaction can be done easily and effectively by Text message for property management.

The following explains how these firms can make effective use of texting for customer communication and engagement:

1) General promotional messages can be sent

A property management firm needs to reach out to prospective clients who can avail of their services. This requires sending introductory messages and promotional messages. These messages can be sent using SMS. The message can introduce the firm and its services. A link to the website can be given that should be visited for more details. This link can also be used to keep a track of visitors to the website.

2) Follow up for appointments

Appointments with clients play a major role in the sales process of property management firms. These appointments can be fixed easily using text messaging. Text messages can be sent about the services offered and an appointment sought. The client can reply to the message to confirm the appointment or seek additional details. Engagement with clients can be done through SMS until the appointment is fixed.

3) Follow-up with rental customers

Customers who move into the rental properties need to be nurtured as they bring in revenue. Information on properties can be sent by text messages to potential customers. Details of the property, rental charges, and lease details can all be sent through SMS. Property details can be sent by MMS where videos of the property can be sent to prospective customers. Follow-up includes inviting them to visit the property and continues until they sign the agreement and move in.

4) Sending reminders

Reminders and alerts need to be sent to customers frequently. Reminders on events organized can be sent to prospective customers. Once a customer is ready to come in, reminders of the move-in date and details of things to be done can also be sent by messages. Reminders can be sent for payment of rent every month. This can be automated so that messages are sent before the due date every month.

5) Follow-up on issues

Customers can send messages in case of any issues/problems they face. The property management firm can thus get to know of problems through messaging, manage the issues, and send a reply message confirming that the problem has been solved. This is a quick effective way of managing issues. It is convenient for both the customers and the firm.

Property management firms can easily use texting to manage their customer communication and engagement more effectively. This helps them interact better with customers and help get new clients. It also helps them solve customer issues and increase customer satisfaction. All this helps to boost their business. It is simple to use texting, all that is needed is a database of customers and texting software. If you own a property management firm, start using texting today and give a boost to your business.

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